Hiking tour on July 4th, 2009

For the fourth time we invited owners of House-Barrett dogs to join us on a hiking tour

This time we hiked along the Neckar

Again we were lucky and had beautiful weather, in fact it almost was a little too hot, so we decided to walk more through woods, then fields

The families came from Germany, Austria, Baveria and also two people from Las Vegas, USA. Just on short notice they decided to fly over and join us for this nice tour. My son Jacko stayed with them for the last year to attend High School. He graduated from High School a few weeks ago. Hundemama of course joined him and also visited House Barrett owners in the USA. A new page will be opend for this USA trip shortly. Anyway Lisa and Brenton liked this hike so much, they made friends with Romy and Buddy as you can see on the pictures below. Lisa said, if after Sunday a dog was missing, then I should check her luggage. It might be that Romy was in there

Back to our hiking tour. We spent a wonderful day among Barrett families.

We want to thank everybody who joined us to make this wonderful day happen.

Next year we will repeat this hike and hope of course that more people will join us and maybe again a family or families from the USA or Canada or from any other country who owns a House-Barrett dog will join us. Dogs can be brought s as luggage with certain airline. A week in Germany as Lisa and Brenton from Vegas did, is just wonderful, not only the hike can be joined, there is a lot more to see in Germany. We make sure, that everyone who will come for a visit will have a wonderful time here in Germany

We wish everybody the very best for the future

Haus-Barrett Team

Romy vom Haus Barrett

Last upate on 16th of July 2009 We updated below link with new pictures!

Last update on 15th of July 2009 We finally did get our first link ready. Everybody can view more pictures of our hiking tour.

More pictures of the hiking tour

House Barrett Clan met in the morning at 8 AM

Together we drove near the city of Heidelberg

Tyson checked out the new area

This time we took our 9 year old Indra along, she seemed to be very fit

We had to cross the street and walk down to the Neckar to catch a ride across the river

Bento, a son of Zaskia and Gustl came with his owner from North of Germany, from Schleswig-Holstein

Pando, a son of Zaskia and Savage, came with his owner from Bavaria

Our friend Lisa, who came with her son for a 10 day visit from all the way Las Vegas, USA. Her and Romy made a great team

Selina with our young female "Angie" and to the right with her own female "Honey", a sister of our Hera

Tyson enjoying the view

Our friend Brandon from Las Vegas with Buddy, in the back Jason with Indra

Vonny`s owner with his girl-friend

Zantino, a son of Indra and Grizzly, together with his owner, they camae from Austria

Hundemama with Tyson and Lisa with Romy, a daughter of Tyson

The two youngsters had a lot of fun on the fairy

We reached the other side

Roma with Lisa and Buddy with Lisa`s son Brandon

The Barretts love to swim

It was not easy for Hundemama to convince Tyson he had to get out

Beautiful view from the bridge to the town of Hirschhorn

Jason with Tabaluga

Our one year old Yanka, daughter of Zaskia and Tabaluga, was

also going with us on that day

Fame with his owner, she is a daughter of Tyson and Indra. She has extreme beautiful red markings

Rita together with Dagmar explained the tour and announced the menue for lunch

Tyson had to wait

On the way to our first destination the Barretts found water again

I did not get to swim in the river, so I am doing it now

The owner of Fame shows her, that this is nothing to be afraid of

Zantino knows how to drink the running water

Most of our hiking tour was through the woods,

because it was very hot that day

A short rest until the other families cought up

Lisa and Brandon our friends from Las Vegas. Jacko, Hundemama`son, was staying with this family for the last year while going to High School

A narrow paths through the wood

Tyson with Hundemama, followed by Jason with Romy and Selina

Hiking, hiking.............

Before we reached our first destination, we had to walk for a few minutes besides the road

Beautiful Hirschhorn

View across the Neckar

On the market place the Barretts

cooled themselves off again

Brandon with Buddy; they made friends

Vonny, a son of Tabaluga and Zaskia, with his owner

Bandon with Buddy

Two dogs are in the water and the third one would love to go in there

Hundemama with her son Jacko, after two years living in the States and graduating from High School he came back with her. Hundemama joined him for the graduation in Las Vegas just a few weeks ago; she also visited a few House Barrett owners. She will open up a page of this nice trip in a few weeks. She is very happy to have her son back

Buddy has small flowers on his head

Jacko taking a short Siesta

Yasso, a brother of our Yanka, with his owners

Gabor, a big son of Tabaluga and Queeny, with his owner

Hundemama with Angie and Tyson; maybe these two dogs will be a pair one of these days. Maybe next year? Hopefully!

We had to take a few pictures of the Barrett Clan

in order to get everyone on the picture

We are so happy, that so many families were able to come

Thanks again to everyone

For the first time we had visitors come from as far as the United States

We hope, that more Barrett owners from the USA or other countries will join us in the near future; combine it with a short vacation, just a suggestion. Lisa and Brenton stayed for 10 days and loved Germany

While Lisa and Brandon were viewing a very old church, Dagmar had to wait outside with Buddy, Romy and Tyson

For a short time we came of our path, so the dogs had to jump what ever was in their way, as you can see, this is no problem for a Barrett

Short break

Up front you see Yasso with his owner

Boy, this was not easy to get up there, Tyson pooled Hundemama up hill

Our retired girl Indra

Jessica is so happy, that her brother Jacko is back again

Little Faisha, a 16 weeks old daughter of Buddy and Hera, cam with her owners for dinner in the eveing. Boy, was she happy to see Hundemama again and so was Dagmar

Andreas looks a little tired on that picture

This Shirt shows what all is Andreas for Hundemama

Brandon and Lisa enjoying the German food and beer

Ulk`s and Yasso`s owners

The owner of Xandor Balou

Faisha just enjoying to be among so many Barretts again

In the next few days we will put a link on this page, so many more pictures can be viewed of this beautiful day!