Hiking tour on September 1st, 2018

Again we invited owners of House-and Team Barrett dogs to join us on our annual hike

This time we hiked through one of the beautiful parts of the Odenwald.

The weather was great, not too hot nor too cold and almost sunshine all day long and most of the families, who had registred for this trip did make it. This time we had a group of about 42 people and quite a few beautiful House-Barrett dogs.

Again families joined us from all over Germany and other countries. Our furthest hiker
was an American Lady named Suzette from Chicago, who is the owner of Lilo. She extended her vacation to visit some other cities in Europe. Also a Switzerland and Austrian family joined us for this hike

The hike only was about 10 miles long, not too long, so everyone was able to make this tour

We want to thank all the families who joined us to make this wonderful day happen.

Next year another tour will be planned. The date of our 2019 hike will be announced on our newspage at the beginning of next year. Hundemama has already a nice tour in mind. Together with her horse she will ride this next tour to see how long it is and to find nice guesthouses along the way.

Of course lots of pictures were taken on this hike and we like to share following pictures with everyone.

We wish everybody the very best for the future

Haus-and Team Barrett Team

This page has been opened on September 6th 2018

We met at the "Kreidacher Höhe" at 9 AM. Before we started with our hike "Hundemama" explained the details of that day

The first route went downhill towards the town of Wald-Michelbach

We also had a four legged guest, who was much smaller than our GSD, he managed the hike great. To the right Andreas with Macho and Charly and with our friend Suzette

After a half an hour walk we reached the town "Wald-Michelbach"

The centre of Wald-Michelbach was decorated with many beautiful flowers. A true nice Odenwald town

Hundemama could not pass a bakery without buying a pastry. Lucky always at her side. We did find a fountain

where the dogs were able to get water to drink. As we can see above, Yazoo used the fountain to cool off

Most Barretts love the water. After a 15 minute break we continued with the hike towards the "Tromm"

Our route took us on the other side of Wald-Michelbach, then for about 20 minutes we had to walk uphill

After we reached the top, the hikers had to rest and Dagmar took the chance to make pictures of the families with their dogs. To the left above we see two Gino sons and one Cheyenne-Nex son, to the right we see Arex, the son of Orca and Gino

Suzette with Lucky and Alenja with his Mom Bella. Lucky is such a friendly dog. He just loves humans and loves to sit on their laps

To the left the guest dog Ben together with a daughter of Cheyenne and Buddy, to the right Yazoo, a son of Funny and Yakko

Macho, the son of Olympia and Gino to the left and Charly to the right

Again Arex with his two legged family

To the right a son of Olympia and Yakko, up front to the left Vegas, a son of Yanka and Diaz, the brother to our Gina, up front a guest dog

Here we see the senior dog Zeus, a son of Hera and Tabaluga

A daughter of Asti and Nex with her owners

Thor, a son of Cheyenne and Nex

Pia, who is the owner of a daughter of Orca and Nex

Opal, a son of Yanka and Zeus, with his family

Valley to the right, a daughter of Gina and Gino together with her friend and family

Alenja with Lucky and Bella. Lucky is the son of our beautiful lately deceased Tyson

Around 12 AM we had almost reached our lunch destination "Tromm". One more short break to wait for the others

At 1 PM we had arrived at the guesthouse, which had a beautiful Biergarten. We were able to sit outside

During our lunchtime the dogs had the opportunity to rest and as we can see on these pictures, some of them used the time for a short nap

The youngsters who had joined us with their families for lunch and dinnertime were just watching everything. For them everything was new. To the right we see little Arek, a son of Enza and Herros. Lunchtime was a good experience for these youngsters, this is part of socialization. They learn how to react when meeting other dogs and learning to lay still for a short time, while others are having lunch

Lucky with his Mom Bella

Arex just looking at the camera

Very well behaved these two, Winney to the right, a son of Cheyenne and Nex, and Joey to the left, a son of Asti and Gino

Little Yankee is experiencing the chair. The senior Faisha with her owner. She is a rescue dog

At 3 PM we started on our way back. All of us were heading first to the location where our group picture was taking. The youngsters were able to go with us on that short distance

Parts of our group pictures

This pictures had been taking of the group of the morning tour

Afterwards we continued with our hike. We just had to take another short break to enjoy this beautiful view of parts of the Odenwald

After hiking a few km through the woods our tour continued through the fields,

until we reached this beautiful resting place

Of course Dörthe and Hundemama took advantage of this stop. Laying on the relax chair and just enjoying the moment and the view. As we can see, Lucky loves to be very close to Hundemama. He even fall asleep on her lap. Just like his Dad "Tyson" used to do. Lucky is such a sweet and lovable dog

After our 20 minute break we continued with the hike towards our starting point. On the right pictures we see Jason up front together with his Mom "Dagmar". Dagmar truly enjoys her children being with her. This time only Jason was able to make the hike

One more last view of this peaceful country side

At 6.30 PM we did reach our dinner place

Another wonderful day came to an end. We are sure, that there will be another day like this next year! We would love for others to join us on our 2019 tour. Once a dog is 11 or 12 months old, he can hike with us. Others can meet us for lunch or dinner or only walk with us the first or second part. We always make arrangements to pickup the cars again at the lunch destincation. Just like we did on this hike