Hiking tour on July 1st, 2006

For the frist time we invited all the owners of House-Barrett and House-Jack dogs to join us on a hiking tour

We decided for the country site of our beautiful area in the so called "Odenwald", a landscape around the famous Bergstraße (Heidelberg area)

We were lucky and had beautiful weather, which made everything so great

The families came from all over Germany. One family even came from Austria. Almost 700 km (close to 500 miles) they had to drive to get to us. Most families stayed for three days in a nice motel, so they could enjoy this one day with us.

We want to thank everybody who joined us to make this wonderful day happen.

Everybody liked it so much, They asked us to repeat something like this again next year. More families actually wanted to join, but their pups were too young for a tour like this at this time. They for sure will have a chance to go with us next time.

We wish everybody the very best for the future

Haus-Barrett and House-Jack Team

Nora vom Haus Barrett

What a beautiful scenery

As far as the eye can see

We drove all together to the starting-point

My sister (in the middle), who had organized this tour explained the details before it began

Everybody is getting ready

for the trip

Beautiful trails we have in the woods

Tyson and Nora

Jason with Nora and Tyson and in the back you can see Mark, he carries his own water bottles

To the left Jason with Nora and Tyson, in the middle Marion with Dragon and Jane

We always found places for the dogs to drink

Queeny does not only want to drink, she wants to cool off

Mark also wants to take a bath

Quando is watching his owners

Marion with Dragon and Jane

Nora, Queeny and Tyson

Up front Zantino, in the middle Aika

Tyson, Queeny and Nora with Jason and Hundemama

This picture was taking just before our lunch break

from left to right, Quando, Jane, Dragon, Tyson Nora, Queeny, Dorcas, Aika and Zantino

Champagne was waiting for everybody already

The owner explained a little about the region

We have to thank my sister for picking out the route for this beautiful tour

Some people joined us in the afternoon to hike with us the rest of the tour

Great lunch was served, up front to the left Jack

The owner of Zantino together with the owner of Diandra also found a very nice place to rest and eat

Jason is talking to the family of Eliza

My sister Rita also having lunch

Dragon with Jane

Diandra with Zantino

Zantino in front of beautiful flowers and bushes

Our little Dorcas also came with us

Now the trail took us through some fields

Queeny and Tyson with Jack, in the back Mark, to the right Eliza and all away to the right Quando

What a beautiful landscape

They all carried very good conversations

Zantino with Eliza

If you look at their shirts, you know who the owners of Diandra are

A little rest in the woods

Towards the end everybody got a little tired and looked for rest stops as Jacko did on this picture

At right around 7 PM our hiking tour was finished. But not finished for good. We all had Dinner together at a very nice restaurant

Just before we reached this restaurant Queeny thought, that she had to take another bath

Jack with Tyson, Dagmar with Queeny and Jason with Nora

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