Hiking tour on August 8th, 2020

For the 15th time we invited owners of House- and Team-Barrett to join us on our annual hiking tour

This time we decided a tour along the Rhine River.

It was very hot on that day, so we decided on a short notice to only hike one way, nice and easy with lots of stops for the dogs to swim.

It worked out perfect.

Our youngest participant was about 13 years old and the oldest over 70 years.

Everyone had a wonderful time. Lots of pictures were made.

It is nice to know that everyone appreciates the efford, which was made on our side to make this happen.

We also have to thank the hosts at the guesthouses for their hospitality, especially if it is a large group with many dogs

At the beginning of 2021 we will announce on our webpage again what day the "Barrett hiking tour" will be held in 2021

"Hundemama" together with Lucky wishing everyone the best and most of all health

pictures of our hike 2020

annual dinner at the Pizzeria the day before the hiking day

The participants are greeted by "Hundemama" on the actual day of the hike

The course of the hike was briefly announced again

Andreas had given all participants a small present from the dog food company "Happy Dog".

Leave punctually at 9.30 a.m. In front our youngest 11 month old bear named "Fellow", led by Sigrid, since her Zeus is now over 10 years old, she had borrowed a Barrett from us

It wasn't that warm yet, which was good, because it took about three quarters of an hour to get to the Rhine

The water was also accepted by all participants. Lucky and "Hundemama" made the start

in the middle of the last picture row we see our Chiara and to the right Champ, who learned to swim that day

A short break was taken

After the second refreshment, we had to walk a short distance without shade. To the left we see our Champ. The couple was so nice and walked with him that day. They are not Barrett owners yet, but they will be soon

After this short, hot stretch, all participants deserved a longer break

On the left our Chiara, who also had a "surrogate mom" that day (HA,ha!)

Our group photo was taken shortly after our last break

Around 1.30 p.m. we reached our lunch spot, a guesthouse, located near the Rhine

We stayed there for about two and a half hours before they started to collect the cars in a car pool

On the left picture we see our four Barretts! Champ, Gwendi, Fellow, Chiara. The wait for the cars to arrive was used to take pictures of the bears

On the left we see Yazoo with his brother "Unico-Carlos" (same parents different litter)

One last picture before we let this beautiful day end