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Dam: Cindy vom Haus Barrett, SchH 1, KKl 1, b (B)
Show title: V

Sire: V Gustl von der Köhlertanne, SchH3, KKl. 1, A (normal)
Show title: V


Hera, Honey

Last update on March 22nd, 2019

Honey did celebrate her 13th birthday at the beginning of this month. We wish her most of all HEALTH for the future. We know from her owner that she had two strokes and she has to take medication now.

We know that these days every day is a gift for her and her owner Selina. We wish them the best

March 10th, 2017

We like to congratulate Honey for her 11th birthday. She is doing very well and still loves to play just like a young dog. "A TRUE BARRETT"

Hundemama always says: She breeds not just dogs, she breeds dogs with Character

April 23rd, 2016

Honey just 10 ten years old

and she is still so plaful just like a youngster

Congratulations from all of us!

24th of March 2009

Two more pictures

from Canada. Hera shows very much interest in them cows

November 16th, 2008

Honey had been with her owner for six months in Canada

They both loved it over there very much. Meanwhile they returned to Germany. Here are two pictures of Honey, which were taken during that time

Last update on 30th of April 2008

Honey loves to play and catch balls or sticks

A head picture of Honey

16th of November 2007


Honey almost 2 years old


just passed the BH trial

3rd of March 2007

This is Honey

She is one year old

She has a very high-play drive

Her owner is very happy with her

This is our Hera

She is also doing very well

She looks more like her Dad "Gustl"

She is a very fisty and wild little girl; she learns very quickly; the bad things also, not too long ago she took my license plate of the car and played with it

4th of December 2006


She is about 9 months old

Last update on 04th of October 2006

The two girls out of the last litter from Cindy and Gustl had been pre-x-rayed a few days ago. Their hips look very good according to their age. At this time we can tell again, how important it is, not to overfeed a young dog. Keep them nice and slim and people will get the best results. The owner of Honey did this very well. Congratulations on such good results!

This picture was taken at the age of 6 months

17th of June 2006

New pictures of Hera and Honey

They look

so much alike

This is Honey

and this is Hera

Hera again

They are 14 weeks old

Updated on 30th of April 2006

Pups are 8 weeks old. Honey was picked up by her new owner. Aleady she is doing fine at her new home. We wish her and the new owner the very best for the future. Hera is staying with us for the moment. Maybe one of these days she will become a breeding female, who gives birth to a lot of puppies with the qualities of her Mom Cindy and Gustl. Cindy will retire now. We hope, that she will stay with us for many more years. At this time we thank our Cindy for the beautiful dogs she gave birth to in the past and made so many families happy. Nora, Gina, Queeny and maybe Hera will keep this wonderful bloodline going.

Honey with her new owner

at her new home

After one day

she feels like at home already


is now alone

But she has still her mother and

Tyson, which she can mess with

She is afraid of nothing

She holds on to this rag and does not want to let go

Here she found something else to play with

It was not easyt to get this shoe back from her

22nd of April 2006

Pups are 7 weeks old

It is almost time

that the puppies can move into their new homes

This little girl will stay with us

Honey will be going to Karlsruhe

to a very nice family,

who also want to train her in "schutzhund"

Both females have the qualities what it takes for being

a good schutzhund dog, but they have to be worked with. Both of them have a lot of play-drive and are very active

Updated on 16th of April 2006

Pups are 6 weeks old and getting very active

7th of April 2006

Pups are five weeks old


had two friends over

from school today

This one wants to be peted on the stomach, I guess

Always wants to play

They are moving more and more around each day

That hand must smell very good

They love to climb up on a lap

Who are you? The little one asks

Now they are looking for a place to sleep

Updated on 31st of March 2006

Pups are four weeks old

Today the sun was shining a little bit,

so the puppies were able to move around outside

for a little while

As you can see,

they both look very much alike

At this moment one is a little more calm then the other one

Mom Cindy always

takes care of them

Now they want to play with each other

Ciny shows her love to this little one

Now they are kissing each other

They are getting tired

It is time to bring them back

in their little house

24th of March 2006

Pups are three weeks old

She has a head like her Dad "Gustl", so big it is

We sure enjoy these two very much

For the first time

we let them outside today

They do not move that much yet,

but this will change every day now

We have an active and a calm girl

Cindy is checking her Babies

March 27th 2006

Pups are exactly two weeks old

As you can see,

the eyes are open now

Today my daughter Jessica

came for a surprise visit from Africa

Of course she had to go right away

and meet the puppies

She could not get over the fact

how big these puppies girls are for their age

This page was opened on 9th of March 2006

Pups are close to one week old

Cindy takes very good care

of her two little girls

They eyes of course are still closed

The beautiful red color shows already

They are sure

are still sleeping a lot