V-Gustl von der Köhlertanne

born: 16. September 1995 - SchH 3 - KKL1"a" Lbz,

Sire: V Utz von Arminius/Nero vom Hirschel/Zamb von der Wienerau/Odin Tannemeise
Dam: V Haifa von der Wienerau/Jello von der Wienerau/Fedor von Arminius/Lasse vom Wiedenbrücker Land

Kör Report:
Large, very strong with red-brown pigmentation, full of substance, excellent expression with a very strong head, proportionally correct, good group, dry and firm, correct angulations in front and rear, moves strong, good ground covering gate.

Last update on June 29th, 2008

Today our heart is heavy. Our famous sire "Gustl von der Köhlertanne" (calling name "Grizzly") died yesterday at the age of almost 13.

Hundemama "Dagmar" loved this animal very much. Since Christmas of 1995 he was her companion. Where ever she was, he was. Now she escorted him on this last journey. He seemed very calm when he closed his eyes forever on June 29th, 2008.

Gustl was a GSD as described in a German Shepherd book. A GSD with a sound temperament and an extremely high playdrive. He had a natural instinct for protection. With all the puppies, which were raised at House Barrett in the past he played very carefully and never hurt any of them. Sometimes they played very rough with him. It did not matter. He always stayed calm and never hurt one of them.

At the dog place everybody was talking about him, because he was an exceptional dog when it came to schutzhund work. Usually dogs out of the working line have this hard drive like he did. He was not scared of anything. There were times when he refused to let go, when he was told. A minute later he was playing with children.

One day a Lady, which works with animals for commercial and TV-shows watched him work at the dog-place. She was thrilled. A few months later we received an offer for him to play a few parts in a mini-series called "The companions". They were looking for a GSD with a sound temperament, but yet would attack a person in civil on command. We drove to the cast and without much practicing Gustl performed very well.

At trophy-competitions he was known to leave the competitions with a not high score, because he did not let "go" when told.

These were only a few highlights we had with our Gustl.

Everybody, who is lucky, to be the owner of such a friend of this wonderful breed for more then 10 years knows, how difficult it will be, to have to let go one of these days. I often hear people talk after loosing such a good friend: "I will never live through something like this again. I will never want to own a dog again".

The fact, having to part with your friend one of these days, would be never ever a reason for "Hundemama" Dagmar not to be the owner of another GSD. Dagmar knows, that no other dog ever will replace her "Gustl", but she also knows, that there will be other great GSD friends, to whom she will give her heart to and this dog will be again a companion for another 10 or hopefully more years. The sire "Tyson" is the living proof.

If we look at the progeny of Gustl from the last 10 years, it will show us, that Gustl is still living in all of them dogs. These dogs up till today make their owners very happy. At this point we only name some of the progeny of "Gustl"m which he had produced over the last 10 years:

Honey from House Barrett
Hera from House Barrett
Gina from House Barrett
Queeny from House Barrett
Quincy from House Barrett
Hazel from House Barrett
Valley from House Barrett
Keeran from House Barrett
Grizzly from House Barrett
Dragon from House Barrett
Fellow from House Barrett
Savage from House Barrett
Simon from House Barrett

Last but not least let`s look at our dam Nora from House Barrett. A dam, which has inherited quite a bit of Gustl`s qualities. Already she had given these qualities to her daughters "Dorcas" and "Romy".

My Dear Gustl, now you can rest in piece. Hundemama "Dagmar" and the whole family will never forget you. You will be always in our hearts.

Gustl, born 16th of September 1995, died on 28th of June 2008


Utz von Arminius

SchH 3

ZB.: V

I. Generation:

Nero vom Hirschel

SchH 3


II. Generation:

Zamb von der Wienerau

SchH 3

Odin von Tannenmeise

Ica von der Wienerau

Ica vom Haus Reiterland

SchH 2

Reza vom Haus Beck

Afra vom Haus Reiterland

Unda von der Holledau

SchH 1


Jeck vom Noricum

SchH 3 FH

Odin von Tannenmeise

Anett vom Noricum

Romi v. Breitfeld

SchH 3 FH

Uran vom Wildsteiger Land

Mascha vom Klebinger Schloss


Haifa von der Wienerau

SchH 2 IP 1 ZB: V

Jello von der Wienerau

SchH 3


Fedor von Arminius

SchH 3

Lasso vom Wiedenbrücker Land

Fee vom Weihertürchen

Ussi von der Wienerau

SchH 3

Uran vom Wildsteiger Land

Xinte von der Wienerau

Hexe von der Römerau

SchH 1 ZB: V

Ulf v. Basilisk

SchH 3 FH IP 3

Uran vom Wildsteiger Land

Ola von Arminius

Quana von Arminius

SchH 1

Xaver von Arminius

Palme vom Wildsteiger Land