ASVD-kennel introduces the stud

V-Grizzly vom Haus Barrett

born: 23. December 1999 KKL 1,. HD "C"

Sire: V1 Gustl von der Köhlertanne
Dam: V Cindy vom Haus Barrett

Last update in January 2013

Our 13 year old Grizzly, the brother of our Gina, died not too long ago due to old age . He was the ideal family dog, which also was very easy to train at the dog-place. It is always sad to loose such a good friend, but to loose a friend of old age is still easier then to part with him for other reasons, especially when the dog is still relatively young.

Dear Grizzly: "We have lost a good friend in you, but in our hearts you will always be with us.

Kör Report:
Large, very strong, masculine head, a lot of type & expression, high withers, good back, very good rear and front angulation. Very good gait with effective rear drive. Sound temperament.

This is the son of "Gustl von der Köhlertanne". Just like his father he is a very high drive dog with excellent temperament and a willingness to work and please.

Breeding advice: Especially recommended for improvement of pigment, expression, temperament and play-drive.


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