Gina vom Team Barrett

born 12th of August 2015

Dam: V Yanka vom Haus Barrett, SchH 1, Sire: V Diaz von Veterinaria, IPO3

Gina vom Team Barrett, 10 weeks old

Last update on 21st of December 2023 Gina will be taking out of our breeding program at the end of 2023. At the moment she is raising her two last puppies. We truly do hope, that one of them will be able to enrich our breeding program one of these days, just like Champ is doing and hopefully her son "Zeppo", which we will introduce in 2024 on our webpage. Gina is doing very well and she is still active like a young dog. Loves to run besides a bike. In her last litters she did not give birth to any girls, so we have to keep this bloodline going with her male offsprings

4th of August 2019

Since our last update in 2017

Gina has developed into a beautiful female

She has received all of her titles like IPO1, AD and BH

Just a few weeks ago she has received her breeding survey for lifetime

and a few weeks ago we have decided

do show her at the championship show in Switzerland in the working class with a schutzhund performance

she did very well and received the title "V2"

Since last year Gina had no litter and we are very happy to are able to announce, that we do plan a litter with her and our new sire "Lucky". Gina likes Lucky very much, so we hope, that this breeding will be successful. We will update our "upcoming litter page" with the introduction of the parents "Gina" and "Lucky" in the next few weeks

June 22nd, 2017

Hundemama is very proud of her Gina. Just recently she had passed the IPO 1 trial and just last Saturday she passed the breeding survey. She is not even two years yet and accomplished so much in this short time. Last year she had been shown at the Bundessiegershow in Nürnberg and came in 16th place from 64 dogs. Without her Mom Yanka and her Dad Diaz we would not have her. We are so happy that we had decided for that combination two years ago and kept this beautiful girl.

Gina together with Uljana

We uploaded a few new pictures of her brother "Giant", who is also doing very well

December 26th, 2016

Congratulations to Giant and his owner! He received HD and ED excellent (SV normal).

Our Gina also has received HD and ED excellent (SV-normal). A few weeks days ago we started with her training for BH trial

Gina, 7 weeks old

These following pictures of Gina

show her at the age of 10 weeks

She has a very nice body structure,

extreme good pigmentation

and what is really important for Hundemama,

that she presents herself proud, that she has a very nice head

and a beautiful face

All six puppies in this litter

were of high quality,

so actually it was very difficult to decide,

which girl would make a good match with her boys

Gina was actually the wildest girl in this litter

and as we see on these pictures,

she does have a high playdrive,

which is good for training,

once she is an adult dog

Hundemama does like the challenge,

when it comes for her to train dogs of this kind,

which are more on the wilde side and sometimes

they also have their own head

Gina knows already, when she opens up her mouth the toy will be gone,

because Hundemama will pull it away right away

That way she learns to hold on and if she does,

then she will get it and has won. She also has a very nice gait