Gina vom Haus Barrett

"Gina vom Haus Barrett", which was a daughter of Cindy died last year all of as sudden. The Vet was not able to locate what she had died off. At the time of her death she was already taken out of the breeding program for almost two years. We did retire her at the age of 6 already, because she had problems with her immune system after she raised a litter. Therefor we kept no progeny from Gina. Her bloodline still will be kept up through her "sisters" Nora, Queeny and Hera. Our cute little "Romy", a daughter of Tyson and Nora, remind us a lot of Gina. We will never forget Gina, specially Jennifer, since it was her dog.

born: 23.12.1999, SchH 3, KKL1"a"

Sire: V Gustl von der Köhlertanne Dam: V Cindy vom Haus Barrett

Kör-Report: Medium size built bitch with red-brown pigmentation excellent expression, proportionally correct, very good angulation in front and rear, good ground covering gate.



Gusl von der Köhlertanne

SchH 3

ZB.: V

II. Generation:

Utz von Arminius

SchH 3

ZB.: V

III. Generation:

Nero vom Hirschel

SchH 3

IV. Generation

Zamb von der Wienerau

Ica vom Haus Reiterland

Unda von der Holledau

SchH 1

Jeck vom Nori-cum

Rommi vom Breitfeld

Haifa von der Wienerau

SchH 2 IP 1


Jello von der Wienerau

SchH 3

Fedor von Arminius

Ussi von der Wienerau

Hexe von der Römerau

SchH 1

Ulf von Basilisk

Quana von Arminius


Cindy vom Haus Barrett

SchH 1 ZB: V

Fedor von El Tous

SchH 3

Mark vom Haus Beck

SchH 3

Fedor von Arminius

Quina von Arminius

Ditte von der Wienerau

SchH 1

Lando della Val del Lambro

Ica von der Wienerau

Ondie vom Jägerstand

SchH 1

Falk vom Klostergraben

SchH 3

Arak du Hohmannsfeld

Ulme vom Ohemoor

Alysa vom Breisgau

SchH 3 IP 1

Vax vom alten Wärterhaus

Eiwa vom Kosakenwald

Our dam Gina we took out of the breeding program two years ago. She was only six years at the time. Her last litter took a lot out of her, so we thought it would be best to take her out of breeding program. At times we do breed with dams up to 8 years old, but only then, if we see, that it does not hurt the female. Since Gina had lost weight during the nursing of her last puppies, we thought, it would be best to take her out of breeding. As you can see by the following pictures she is doing very well and looking ver good for her age.