Dorcas vom Haus Barrett

born: 11th of September 2005, Sch1, HD-normal, ED-normal, KKL 1

Sire: V Tabaluga vom Steckenborn - Dam: V Nora vom Haus Barrett

Kör-Report: Almost large, medium strong build female, with excellent expression. Good wither, good length and angle of the group, firm back, balanced brisket proportions, almost very good angulations of the fore and of the hindquarters, clean front, correct coming and going. Free ground covering gait. Good hair with a lot of pigmentation.

Körklasse I for lifetime

This page had been updated for the last time on 23rd of May 2015

Our beautiful almost 10 year old female Dorcas

had died of an unknown illness not too long ago. She was a daughter of Nora and Tabaluga. Dorcas almost died around the same time as her Dad "Tabaluga"

She loved to carry around branches,

the bigger, the better

She loved the water

and the couch

Nothing was too small for her to get into,

when it came to water

Biting in the water hose

Just relaxing in the water

What ever she got a hold off, she would not let go

Here with her ball

Every day of her life

she enjoyed

She also loved the snow. Dorcas was a dog with a funny character. Typical Barrett! Exceptional dog!

These two pictures were taken at the USCA Sieger show on Saturday, 16th of May 2015 in Zion, Illinois, where Dorcas`s daughter came in first place in "open class". Dorcas would have been proud of her.

We miss her very much!

June 16th of June 2011: We did move Dorcas already to the seniors now, because most likely she will only have one more litter, before we take her out of the breeding program. She is going on seven years old. Since she is still very active and loves to be trained at a training place, we believe, that she enjoys this kind of life more then being a Mom again with eight years old. Dorcas is an exceptional dog with exceptional expression and full of life. Great family dog, but at the same time great dog for being trained in all kinds of sports.


Tabaluga vom Steckenborn

SchH 3

ZB.: V

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