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Dam: Gina vom Haus Barrett, SchH 3, KKl 1, B (fast normal)
Show title: V 1 working-class

Sire: Tabaluga vom Steckenborn, SchH 3, KKl. 1, A (normal)
Show title: V 2 working-class


 Carlos, Cedric, Cliff-Richard, Columbo, Celine, Chelsey

Last update 30th of October 2017

Carlos is doing very well. Since a few months a new Barrett-friend moved into his home. Her name is Santana, a progeny of Asti and Yakko. They became great friends. Santana makes Carlos feel young again, his owner said.

6th of September 2017

In memories of Columbo "we miss you terribly", "you were a friend for life", "just before your 12th birthday you had passed". "In our hearts you will always be with us"

the owner of Columbo

The last two pictures of a special animal!

27th of July 2016

Columbo just had celebrated his 11th birthday

A true Barrett, still full of life; always wants to play, especially when it comes to water

October 27th, 2014

Columbo with 9 years. He is doing very well according to his owner

July 15th, 2013

Columbo just had celebrated his 8th birthday a few weeks ago

and according to his owner he is still doing so good!

Columbo to the left and Ernie to the right, a son of Melody and Gustl; both dogs are doing so well. We with them the best for the future

24th of August 2011

Columbo together with Ernie

Columbo is 6 years old

March 2nd, 2010

Chelsey in the snow

Here with a friend playing together

Columbo was playing in the snow, I guess

Columbo also received his breeding papers last year, if you like to see more of this dog, go to You Tube and give in the name "Columbo" or "Ernie"

September 9th, 2009

We received two more beautiful pictures

of Chelsey

24th of June 2009

Columbo received his breeding papers. We are sure, that one of these days he will be the sire of one of our litters to keep on the good bloodline of Tabaluga and Cindy/Gustl

Chelsey with almost four years old

November 2nd, 2008

Congratulations to the owner of Columbo

He had been x-rayed for HD and ED and the results came out to

HD-amost normal and ED Cero

August 15th, 2007

Celine developed into a very beautiful young female

She loves to be trained

She has a beautiful face

In a way she looks a lot like her Mom Gina, she just has a little darker face

1st of June 2007


almost two years old

Last update on 16th of July 2006


Cedric, one year old


Columbo, 1 year old

18th of January 2006

Carlos at the age of 6 months

He inherited the beautiful coat from his Dad "Tabaluga"

Columbo close to 6 months old


Cedric close to 5 months old

Cedric 5 months old

Columbo close to 5 months old

Celine with her friend

Cliff-Richard at the age of 4 1/2 months

Celine about the same age as Cliff-Richard

Last update on 10th of October 2005

Puppies in their new home





Just before our puppies were picked up or went to the Airport to be shipped away, we managed to make a few more pictures of them. We wish everyone of our puppies the very best for the future and for their owners much joy with them.

The puppies

are exactly 8 weeks old on these pictures

At the time these

pictures were put on our webpage

a few puppies are

aleady on their way into their new homes

These pictures show

how active they are.

August 19th, 2005

Pups are exactly 7 weeks old. Since of today everyone has a name now and the following pictures will show all of the puppies with their name underneeth it


Carlos is a pretty active guy


He loves to eat, we always compare him to a vaccuum cleaner


He is a petty nice guy, sometimes he likes to act silly


Columbo is very active


She is a very fresh little girl


She is a pretty big girl and nobody wants to mess with her; but at times she is very sweet

Our Cliff-Richard loves to put his head under the water

Chelsey also loves to play in the water

Often she goes into it

Columbo takes his time with the water

As you can see all of them just love to cool off

Cliff-Richard just before he puts his head under the water, he first looks at it; his new owner has to get him a little blue plastic swimming-pool

Chelsey and her brother

He walked right through the water

August 13th, 2005

Pups are exactly 6 weeks old

Jason with a little cute puppy

Boy, they can run so fast already

Two pictures of

a little boy

When Jason starts to run

they all follow him

This one wants to find out how much a pair of jeans can take

or how much a water bowl can take

or how much a tale can take

or how much a shoe can take

Jason likes to hide

and the pups have to look for his face

They do not give up too easy

as you can see on these pictures

This little girl is so cute

Jason gave up and makes the little puppy feel good. She seems to enjoy this very much

This little girl loves to play with water

Her new owner will have a lot of fun with her

He sees something else again, he might can mess with

Let`s see how much this little stuffed animal can take

They get hot very easily

This is a little girl

Mom Gina shows them how to break a water bowl. They seem to be very interested on how this is done

This one says goodbye until next time

August 4th, 2005

Pups are almost 5 weeks old

Today a few families

came to visit our little ones

Of course they all loved

to meet new people

Play with them,

enjoyed being held and kissed

They just love to give kisses

His little sister played a little to rough with him. He was hiding underneeth the arm

Two getting at each other again

They came to everybody

and wanted to play with them

A little boy

This is this fisty little girl

It shows already in her face

She does not like to lay on the bottom

She dares her little brother to mess with her

This is also very interesting, how he fall to sleep

Still sleeping

July 28th, 2005

Pups are almost 4 weeks old

Here is a little girl

Giving Jennifer some kisses

It won`t take long and they will get used to the fresh water

A cute little boy

A boy resting in the sun

A boy and a girl

Proud Gina

The minute she lays down they want something to drink

21st of July 2005

Pups are almost 3 weeks old

Such a cute face

with two round beautiful eyes


Aleady very alert

This is a little girl

Mama Gina takes very good care of her little ones

She cleans them all over

Four puppies

Almost three weeks old and wants to give a lot of kisses to Jenny

Proud Gina with her pups

On this picture Gina looks a little bit like her Dad Gustl

A boy and a girl

Another picture of Gina with her pups

He went to sleep while he was trinking

He just does not want to let go

15th of July 2005

Pups are exactly 2 weeks old

The eyes are opened

and they are getting active more by the day

A little boy

A boy and a girl, still a little tired

7th of July 2005

Pups are close to one week old

This is a little girl

The eyes are still closed

A boy and a girl

Another little boy

4th of July 2005

Pups are a few days old

Gina with her little ones

Life could not be better