ASVD-kennel introduces the dog

V-Brix vom Haus Barrett

When Brix was 5 years old he had to move into a new home, because his family had split up. An elderly couple bought him and they enjoyed him for the last 7 years. The family took him often for long walks in the woods, where he always played with sticks and what ever he could find.
Then in summer of last year all of as sudden he was not doing too well and within two days he had died. He was treated in a clinic, but he had no chance. It looked like he had been poisoned. Everybody was shocked.
Brix was such a great dog. He had what "Hundemama" loves in a GSD, very good bone structure, an extreme big head, he had beautiful pigmentation and he was very smart. He only needed 6 weeks of training and he was ready for the BH-Test, then he was trained for another 3 months and he passed SchH 1 at the time. No wonder, that his son
"Tyson" is as smart as he was. We will never forget Brix. He will be always in our memories.

Progeny of Brix: l-litter

born 16. März 1997 - SchH 1 - KKL1"a" Lbz,

Sire: V Elvis vom Finkenschlag, Hitchcock von Allamo, Enzo von der Burg Alisio

Dam: V Quinta vom Mainbogen, SchH 3, IPO 3, Ulk Arlett, Yago vom Wildsteiger Land

Kör Report:
A strong male with a lot of type and expression with red-brown pigmentation
and a very strong head, proportionally correct, good group, correct angulations in front
and rear. Very good gait with effective rear drive.

"Brix" has a very sound temperament and a willingness to work and please. He learns extremely fast. He was V 2 rated at his first show in the summer of 2001. For the first two years he was only living with a family as a pet. He started to be trained at the age of two and within eight weeks he passed the BH-Test and SchH1.

Breeding advice: Especially recommended for bitches with a lot of temperament and not much pigment


Elvis vom Finkenschlag

HD: A, SchH 3 ZB.: V

II. Generation:

Hitchcock von Allamo

HD: A, SchH 3 ZB.: V

III. Generation:

Enzo von der Burg Alisio

HD: A, SchH 3 ZB: V

IV. Generation

Wichtel von Allamo

HD: A, SchH 1, ZB: V

Pia vom Finkenschlag

HD: A, SchH 1 ZB: V

Cas vom Haus Luna

HD: A, SchH 3, FH, IP3, H3,


Xandra v. t Passehof

HD: A, SchH1, FH, ZB: V


Ondie vom Jägerstand

HD: A, SchH 1 ZB: V

Falk vom Klostergraben

SchH 3 ZB: V

Arak du Hohmannsfeld

SchH 3, IP3

Uran vom Wildsteiger Land

Tania du Frohnackerhof

Ulme vom Ohemoor

HD: A, SchH 3

Quando von Arminius

Alin vom Trienzbachtal

Alysa vom Breisgau

HD: C, SchH 3 IP 1 ZB: V

Vax vom Alten Wärterhaus

HD: B, SchH 3, FH

Harro aus der Lechrainstadt

Carmen vom Frankenschwert

Eiwa vom Kosakenwald

HD: C, SchH 2

Joker vom Körbelbach

Contra vom Busecker Schloss