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Today we like to introduce a new sire for our next "Team Barrett" litter in summer with our dam "Olympia vom Altenberger Land",

Note: This litter was planned on a short notice. Puppies out of this upcoming litter in July are and will be only reservered for families who have experience in training the GSD in different sports, like for example, in agility, schutzhund or rescue, but yet to families, who like to purchase a puppy primarly as a new family member. Although we like to see these puppies in experienced hands, we yet only sell them to families, who keep their dog in the house and not only outside in the yard or in a kennel. We do not sell any of our puppies to people whose ambition it is to purchase a dog to achive championship trials, like the working dogs are being trained for. We believe, that our dogs should be trained by using their play-drive only and not in any kind of other way.

If you are a family, who would love to own a Haus-Barrett-puppy with all of these qualities and have also plans to train your future puppy in any kind of sport mentioned above and yet keep this puppy within your family, feel free to contact us. These puppies will make great family dogs, for which our House- and Team-Barrett have been known for.

This sire`s HD and ED is rated excellent!

Diaz is a masculine male

with a lot of expression

He is full of live

at all times

"Stand picture"

Diaz at the show

"Natural stand"

Beautiful gait

Not only that he enjoys life,

he loves the water

just like all the Baretts do

Loves to play

just like Hundemama`s beloved Tyson and Yakko always acts. In fact he is similar to her sires "Tyson" and "Yakko"

Beautiful head

with a dark mask

Not only does he look great,

he also does good protection work

Just a few weeks ago

he received the IPO3 title

This dog has been only trained

by using his play-drive

Diaz is good at the training place, but also makes a great family dog. This picture shows him with his friend.

As soon as we know Olympia is carrying, we will announce this litter on our "upcoming litter page"! We will also introduce "Diaz" with his Pedigree!

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