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Last update on April 10th, 2015

They always say, that expecting Moms

look special good

If we look at Orca,

we can say, that this is true

She has such a beautiful coat

and of course a beautiful face,

she looks like she is very happy

Together with her friend "Buddy vom Kuckucksland"

Tyson should not be jaleous, Buddy is just a friend "at this time"

3rd of March 2015

Quite a few families asked us to upload more pictures

of Indi on our webpage. Everyone falls in love with her,

when they meet her at our home

Yes, she is special, not only is she great in rescue and schutzhund work, she also makes

a great family dog, has always something in her mouth (typical for a "true" Barrett)

But she is so good, when it comes to training, that we changed our plans with her in 2015. We do plan a litter with her in spring and starting in summer we will continue with training her for IPO2.

So keep an eye on our "upcoming litter page". We have chosen another great "sire" for her this time!

Nex and Nixe

Nixe with her brother "Nex vom Kuckucksland"

If it was not for Nixe, we would have not bought her brother "Nex" as well

Nex is a very big masculine male

with very good expression

They know, that the water is not far away and then they can swim again


Nixe has a very nice gait


He is titled

also has IPO3, and hopefully be the "father" of another litter again in 2014

to the left Funny together with Nixe

She is in very good shape, after raising a litter of nine puppies

Funny made quite a few families happy with her puppies in the past. We hope, that this will be the same with Nixe in the future. So far, we are the only happy owners of her puppy. His name is "Gino". Pictures of him can be viewed on this page in the next two days.

Last update on October 16th, 2013

The new owner of Olson fall in love with our Barretts,

we made pictures of her with Buddy and the parents of her new puppy Olson, Tyson and Funny

These pictures also were taken of Tyson and Funny

and of our beloved Tyson

Following pictures were taken in September 2013

"Orca vom Haus Barrett", together with "Tyson vom Haus Barrett"

"Orca vom Haus Barrett"

Orca is a GSD with natural alertness,

She loves to play

and she is very smart

We did not have a litter with her this past spring, because she was in training for IPO2, which she passed in spring of this year successfully. Now the time has come for her to have puppies again.

This is Gino

More and more he looks like Tyson

He also acts so much like him,

that in the past "Dagmar" called him at times "Tyson". So far he is the only son of "Nixe vom Kuckucksland". Actually her only progeny until now. We sure hope, that this will change next year.

Gino, just like his Dad

a big "Clown". Him together with Bella

Bella, Gino and Funny

Bella und Gino. Maybe they make a nice couple one of these days!

Funny, Bella and Gino

It is hard to believe, that ,

Funny had raised a litter of nine puppies just a few weeks ago

She looks so good at this time and is so full of life

What a beautiful girl!

Last update on 8th of September 2013

May I introduce myself, my name is "Gino"

and I am a son of the famous "Tyson"

I am only 13 months old, but I think,

I do look very strong for my age

Since I grow up very close with my father, I am learning a lot

from him, like being a "Macho", like carrying everything I can find around in my mouth, like messing with the females

I know, that Hundemama hopes, that one of these days I will be able to enrich the "House-Barrett-program", just like my Dad "Tyson" did for so many years. He made so many families happy with one of his puppies. Don`t you think, that he is retired already. Oh no, next week House-Barrett expects puppies from him and maybe again in November. You must know, that a "Macho" can make "puppies" up to a high age. My Dad is going on 10 in December. But if you would see him, you would not know. He is still so full of life and if I try to mess with him, I am in deep trouble!

The weather was beautiful the other day, we thought

we would make a few updated pictures from our dogs. We

started with Cheyenne and Buddy

Loves to run

Such a bear!

A few times a week

they do get their exercise with the bike

Buddy vom Kuckucksland

Cheyenne soon turns two years old

On the way to the pond

All Barretts love to cool off!

Buddy is already in the water

Cheyenne has learned a lot from Tyson. She loves to jump

into the water

It does not matter how far and deep

Even if she goes under for a second!

Boy, was this nice. Half a dog! In the next two days we will upload more pictures of Nixe, Funny, Tyson, Nex and Gino

Last update on 18th of June 2013

While "Hundemama" is on vacation (Tyson)

in the USA (Nora)

her friend "Selina" together (Honey)

with her son Jason (Tyson)

took care of the Barretts at home (Tyson)

They both enjoyed the time very much

Selina with Bella

a 10 week old little cute girl

31st of May 2013

Our beloved Tyson,

maybe soon "Daddy" again?

Is Funny the lucky one?

What a beautiful girl

In the next few days we will update our "upcoming litter page"

They make such a nice couple

"Funny von der Martinskapelle" and "Tyson vom Haus Barrett"

"Leonidas vom Fiemereck"

a new two year old sire, owned by Selina Schaeffner

Since we only select dogs, which have special qualities,

it is not easy to find a new sire. But we believe, that we have

found another one in Leonidas "calling name Joker"

Just like our Barretts, he loves water, he loves to always carry someting around and he started doing this, when he was

still a puppy. We do believe, that he will make a good fit

when it comes to his Pedigree, his ability to work, his pigmenation, extreme deep red and black, his confirmation, his good bone structure, his great temperament - easy going, but yet with a good play drive, when it comes to training and what ismost important, his health. He received HD- and ED "excellent". We are positive, that he will be a good match with a House-Barrett dam. He is owned by Selina Schaeffner

Selina is preparing him for schutzhund trial 1 these days

This is "Bella". A nine week old female

She is owned by Jessica. A nice young female, which is not afraid of anything

April 15th, 2013

A few weeks ago,

a friend of ours made some very nice pictures,

which show our 9 1/2 year old Tyson full in action

We like to share them with all the visitors of our webpage

We truly hope,

that Tyson will stay healthy,

so he can "sire a few House-Barrett dams"

in the near future

He is a very special dog,

not only is he extreme intelligent

He is special,

in tis own way

You have to know him,

to understand what we are trying to explain

Tyson is Dagmar`s best friend

Boy, he has that special look!!!!

Last update on March 13th, 2013

A few days ago we had a few nice days

so we took Nixe and Tabaluga

on a 5 km bike ride

Hard to believe,

that Tabaluga still loves to run besides a bike

We do believe,

that Nixe and Tabaluga would "make a beautiful couple"

If we look at Tabaluga`s progeny Yakko and Yanka, we see, that they both inherited their beautiful coat from him

Very alert!

Nixe is the Mom of our Gino. Without her we would not have him!

Without Tabaluga we would not have Yakko and Yanka

Thanks Tabaluga!

Last update on February14th, 2013

Last Sunday we took

Cheyenne, Gino and Tyson for a hike to Frankenstein Castle

Cheyenne always likes to mess with everyone, on these

pictures she is pulling Tyson down the hill with the leash in her mouth

At times Hundemama

was hiding behind the trees and it took not long and they found her

Tyson is so proud

He is nine years already

and still looking so good!!!!!

Cheyenne is a beautiful young female of Romy and Yakko

She has so much energy, loves to play

and now the time has come

that she has to be trained

Hundemama will take her to the "mountain rescue Seminar" in two weeks to Bavaria

December 30th, 2012

Today we went for another walk,

this time we took with us Romy and again Tyson and Gino


together with his daughter Romy

We do not have many pictures of Romy,

so we thought, that this would be a good time

to make a few picturesof this beautiful girl

You can tell in her eyes,

how intelligent she is


together with her

Tyson with his daughter Romy and his son Gino

Tyson sure can be proud

of his progeny

"Little Gino" knows, that he is looking good already

As you can see on these pictures "Hundemama" keeps him on a strict diet during his first year, that way it will slow down his growing process, which is always good for his joints and ligaments and of course his bones

29th of December 2012

We went for a nice

Christmas Walk

Gino, Cheyenne and Tyson

Tyson "smoking"

Life could not be nicer

On that day it was not so cold

Gino in a stand

The sun was shining

Tyson just turned 9 years a few weeks ago

22nd of December 2011

During our short vacation in November Jennifer and Selina, a friend of Dagmars, took care of all of the Barrett dogs. While Selina was training "Nixe" for the upcoming BH-trial and the local training place she took the time and made new pictures of a few Barretts.

Since we will expect puppies again from Olympia and Tyson at the beginning of 2012 - more info about this litter at the beginning of 2012 on our page "upcoming litter" she is happy, that she has updated pictures of Olympia - calling name "Angie -, so the new owners can view, that Olympia has developed into a very strong femaile with a lot of GSD potential.

Olympia - Angie -

has developed into a very strong female

with alot of play drive

She is very alert

She is a natural GSD

with all the qualities a GSD has been known all over the world

Our young female "Nixe" - calling name Sierra -

reminds us on our

famous Cindy

We are sure, in the year 2012 she will enrich our breeding program with her inteligence, her pride, her great pigmentation

We do plan our first litter in summer of 2012 with her brother "Nex"

Our dam "Indi vom Haus Barrett", beautiful daughter of Queeny and Buddy, which had her first litter in 2011 with our beoved Tyson, please view our Z-litter

Honey, is a daughter

of Cindy and Gustl (to view the parents, please go to our senior page"

This female had been with her owner "Selina" in Canada

last year, where together they have worked on a Ranch

This is Hera, the sister of Honey

and also the daughter of Cindy and Gustl

Following pictures proud "Barrett-families" had sent them to us. Thanks again!

Uran with his owner

Uschan, his brother, both dogs are progeny of Nora and Tyson

Venja, a daughter of Cindy and Gustl, is already almost 8 years old and yet as playfull as with young age

Her family moved together with her to Canada a few years ago

A progeny of Romy and Tabaluga, her name is Yazkia, she has a beautiful gait

She has beautiful hair and it will get longer as she gets older

Ginger with her friend

She is a daughter of Melody and Tabaluga

Jamal is two years old

He is a son of Dorcas und Tyson; these pictures were taken

during training sessions in California


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