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Pictures of a ringtraininig sesson in 2009

from left to right; Babe (our newcomer), Vabi, Yakko, Vonny, Holly, Ginger, Yasso with friend, Bacira and Tyson

Yakko and Vonny

Holly, Ginger with Jason

Bacira, a daughter of Tyson and Dorcas


his brother Yasso



Our Babe

Vabi, the sire of our little Holly


Who is this?

Of course, Tyson

Everybody brought something to eat

After the ringtraining we set together

and had a very nice time talking about dogs and the upcoming show next weekend

Last update on 6th of September 2009

Holly with her Dad "Vabi"

Proud Dad "Vabi"

Dagmar with Holly

She looks so cute on that picture


with 13 weeks old

to the right Holly and to the left Ginger

Ulk, son of Tabaluga and Queeny

Ulk with owner


Zeus, a son of Hera and Tabaluga

Vonny, a son of Melody and Tabaluga

Yasso, a son of Zaskia and Tabaluga

Little Holly and Ginger

from left to right, Vonny, Zeus, Ulk, Yasso with friend and Vab

18th of May 2009 Last update before the show this weekend

Only a few more days for the weekend of our big show to get here. So far we have around 70 dogs registred for this show. 20 House-Barrett dogs will be shown on that day. Families will join us from Germany, Switzerland and Holland. Of course we will make a lot of pictures and put these pictures on our webpage.

Notice: Families coming with a camper can park it in front of the dog place . On Friday at 4 PM and one more time on Saturday at 4 PM we will practice ringtraining. Saturday evening we will have a big get together with great German food, with music and dance. Arthur will also take pictures during the evening and we will post them on our webpage. This will be Hundemama`s first show for which she is in charge off.

We took a few more pictures of the ring training last Saturday

This is Xara

she is a daughter from Nora and Tyson

This is our little Bacira, maybe she will be new blood for House Barrett one of these days

This is her brother Balou; both puppies will be introduced at a later time

Who is this? This is proud Tyson

He loves to run around in the ring alone and then get his reward

Last update on May 10th, 2009

Please notice: Our next ringtraining will be held on Saturday the 16th of May 2009 at 2 PM

Hundemama did not have her camera with her yesterday

A friend of hers was able

to take a few after the ring training,

while the children were playing with

Balou and Bacira

the new progeny of House-Barrett

For the young dog it is good to be around others

and get to know different people

He did not only make a few pictures, he also made a short video of Margit, my friend, who usually does not show the dogs. She helped on that day with training one of the House-Barrett dogs, because we had a shortage of people training with the dogs . Have a look, please! I think, Margit did very well

Margit showing Yasso

This page has been opened on May 3rd, 2009

Until the show more pictures will be put on this page

group picture

Waiting for their turn

Vonny in front and behind to the left Shiran

It was a very nice day

Vonny, a son of Melody and Tabaluga, with his owner

Shiran is 20 months old, we have not seen him again from the day he moved into his new home

He turned into a very proud young male dog

He is a son of Dorcas and Athos

What a beautiful young male

She is practicing the stand

The owners get tought how to show their dog

Zeus a son of Hera, has the expression of his Mom

Yasso, a brother to our Yanka and Yakko, a son of Zaskia and Tabaluga

Xara, a daugther of Nora and Tyson with her owner

Zeus and Xara with owner and Nadine

We allowed Hera today to go with us and take a break from her little 5 week old puppies

She is presenting herself very well; she does not look like a nursing Mom. Hundemama believes in staying in shape with and without puppies (children!!!!)

Hundemama with her new comer "Balou"

A very promissing 14 week old male out of a great bloodline

In the middle Hera and Buddy

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