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We made some pictures of Tyson. Just like all of our dogs he has such a high prey-drive. In my eyes he is a special dog and if we look at his progreny (for example Romy), we must say, that he inherits his genes very well. Already we cannot wait for the upcoming litter to arrive. This summer we will repeat a Nora/Tyson litter for the third time. Have fun viewing pictures of this great sire "Tyson"

This page we opened especially for him on 23rd of March 2008

As you can see,

Tyson is full of life

He loves to jump

fetch toys in the air

These following pictures will show everybody,

that Tyson is one of the few dogs, which does not need a handler,

when running in the ring

He runs so long,

until he gets rewarded with

his toy

Now he even runs

with the toy

He also loves to jump every wall,

which he finds on the dog place

He loves to carry this dumbbell and bring it to me

He would do this over and over again

if I let him

On this picture he climbs the wall

Now he is showing everybody

how nice he can heel

He puts himself in a farely "okay" stand

He seen his toy again

This is a proud long haired GSD

with a masculine head

and beautiful pigmentation


Two last head pictures

of Tyson at the age of four

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