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Last update on October 31st, 2010

Tyson, the Macho, found a big "toy" to play with

His daughter Romy wants to take it away from him

Without any success

She found a small stick and shows off with this stick

Tyson does not care

She lost intrest in her toy, now back to Tyson

Proudly does Tyson carry his toy around

Nobody tries to come near him

She is still trying to take it away from him

The little ones, Sierra and Rocky, are watching them two "crazy ones" play

Look how fast they have learned, how it goes

Tyson together with his daughter Romy

A few more pictures

of Tyson

To Hundemama he is something special


He lives life to the fullest

and always in a good mood

September 23rd, 2010

A few days ago we made some new pictures of Yakko, our newcomer

He is a halfbrother to Tyson and son of Zaskia and Tabaluga

Hundemama is training him

for SchH 1 at this time

He learns very fast. We have plans to breed him with two dams

in 2011; Note: the blue spot on his tonque only dogs have with good pigmentation

Last upate on August 22nd, 2010

Our life mower is enjoying himself

In the back our 12 1/2 year old Cindy

This is our proud and intelligent Nora, the daughter of Cindy and Gustl,

We hate to see her retire next year. Nora will have her last litter at the beginning of next year

This is her niece Indi, she is such a lively young dog, just like her Mom

Queeny, which also will have her last litter next year. Hopefully Indi will step in her foot steps in the near future. She looks so much like her father "Buddy". Such a beautiful head for a female

Last update on 6th of April 2010

Yakko with Norbert

Norbert is training Yakko at this time for SchH 1

Yakko is close to two years old


Melody with 8 years old

She is still very active and alive

Jason presented her at the show of the ASVD last weekend

In breeding class she came in 2nd place. We are so proud of her

Last update on 31st of March 2010

These two pictures show Yanka

during the sesson of tracking

Hundemama is getting her ready for the SchH 1 trial; her in obedience

Who is this?

Of course, our Tyson

full of life

Another newcomer

Her name is Lady and she is living with the owner of Yakko

We take her with us every day to play with the others

To the right our Indi, daughter of Buddy and Hera, to the right "Funny", also a newcomer girl


A female with an extreme high play drive

Tyson and his half-sister Yanka

Little "Lady" with big "Tyson"

Buddy is almost three years old

In the last year we mated him with Queeny and Hera and we are very pleased with the progeny; therefor throughout this year he will be bred to more House-Barrett dams.

At this time "Hundemama" is preparing him for the highest level, SchH 3

Romy playing with her ball

in front "Indi", then Buddy and up front Romy

Look at Indi`s beautiful head. Buddy inherited so far his bone structure, his big head and his pigmentation

Romy to the right and Indi to the left

Indi and Romy

Little Lady already has a good play drive

She loves to carry balls around, just like all the progeny of Cindy loves to do

Buddy with his daughter "Indi"

She is 10 months old

28th of February 2010


full in action

front Ginger and in the back Yanka

left Yanka, to the right Ginger

They are having so much fun

They love to play together

Running like the wind

Romy is giving Buddy a hard time

Buddy full in action

As you can see,

our dogs just love to run

and have fun

Romy has the ball

Buddy does not seem to mind



Indi, the daughter of Buddy,

will look so long for the ball until she finds it

The owner of Vegas

together with Indi

and the new comer 16 week old "Funny"

This puppy is full of energy

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