Athos vom Rauschenbergblick

born 1st of Juni 2005, KKL1, HD-B, ED-0, BH, AD

Mother: V Quinci vom Zabershof, SchH 2, HD-normal, KKL 1

Father: VA 2 Quantum von Arminius, SchH 3, HD- fast normal, KKl 1,

Kör Report:
Medium size with a good bone structure built male with excellent expression, proportionally correct with good wither, a little short in the group, has a good chest and a firm back. Good angulations in the fore and very good angulations of the hindquarters, firm back, correct coming and going. Free ground covering gait with powerful hind thrust and free front reach, good length of the coat and very good pigmentation

These two pictures we shot of Athos on Sept. 3rd, 2007 during Ringtraining


Quantum von Arminiu

HD: fast-normal, SchH 31 ZB.: VA

II. Generation

Dux della Valcuvia

SchH 3, ZB.: V

III. Generation:

Max della Loggia del Marcanti

SchH 3

IV. Generation

Visum von Arminius

Kuna dell'Isola del Baroni

Una della Valcuvia

SchH 2

Nero vom Hirschel

Ulme de Valdovia

Only vom Wutachtal

SchH 1 ZB: V

Shanto`s Xano

SchH 3

Flick von Arlett

Romy v. Huize Hintdonk

Minka vom Drei Birkenzwinger

SchH 2

Fanto vom Hirschel

Jeanett vom Drei Birkenzwinger


Quinci vom Zabersho

HD; normal, SchH 2 ZB: V

Zeppo vom Klebinger Schloss

SchH 2 ZB.: V

Scott von Deodatus

SchH 3 FH

Gustl vom Wildsteiger Land

Kenti vom Farbenspiel

Ungana von der Wienerau

SchH 1

Urk von der Wienerau

Chila von der Wienerau

Holly vom Zabershof

SchH 1 ZB: V

Quartz del Templari


Amigo vom Belgier

Freda del Pellegrino

Casi von Bad-Boll

SchH 1

Wick von Bad-Boll

Blanka aus Mariatal

Athos is a young dog with rich redbrown-black pigmentation and much expression. The sire of this beautiful dog is the second-place dog of the world-champion shows 2005/2006 "Quantum von Arminius". He has a great temperament and gets along with almost every other dog.

Following pictures are recent pictures of him, which were taken a few days ago.

Athos has the qualities

we do want a GSD to have

expression, smart, alert

with a sound temperament

He has a nice head with short ears

and beautiful dark eyes

Last update on 29th of July 2007 Athos received his breeding papers in spring of 2007. He also was presented in a show with an "excellent" result. Our newcomer Dam Dorcas was bred to Athos for the first time in June of 2007. We expect to have puppies out o this combination in August of 2007. More information about these parents we put in on our "upcoming litter page" in the next few days.

Last upate on September 24t 2007 We did present Athos in another show. This time he was shown in the "breeding class". He received his first "V". He came in 5th place.

Jason was showing Athos

Both make a great team

He looks so proud

Head picture

17th of October 2007 Finally the time has come, Athos together with Hundemama "Dagmar" will go on a short trip to the US, New Jersey for three days. They will depart on October 18th. Now Athos will get the chance to learn some english. He will get to know another country and hopefully he will like everything and feel comfortable as he did over here in Germany. We do not like to see him go, but we have to and we are very happy for his new owner Karen. Dagmar has to return back to Germany on the 21st. During this short stay she will also visit the nice family, who owns Yesima, a dog out of the Y-litter, from Melody and Gustl. Watch this page closely, you will find a few pictures, which will be taken on this trip.

Athos and Dagmar

21st of October 2007

Athos in the USA

Athos with his new very happy owner Karen

Athos with Karen and Hundemama Dagmar

Athos with Karen, Pat, the owner of Yesima

All three friends together

Dagmar spent three very nice days together with Karen and Pat in the United States. They had a wonderful time. She feels very good about Athos and his new owner Karen. He will go into a wonderful home with a very nice Lady. She knows, that Karen will take good care of this special animal. Today the time has come, when she has to say goodbye to Athos. Knowing that he will go into a very nice home the depart will be much easier. She wishes Karen and of course Athos the very best for the future and for sure she will be back again-