A-litter "Haus-Barrett"

Orca vom Haus Barrett, born 9th of May 2010, KKl 1,

SchH2, HD-excellent, ED-excellent,

Show title: V

Sire: Gino vom Haus Barrett, born: 28th of July 2012, KKL1

IPO3, HD-normal (excellent), ED-normal (excellent)

Show title: V


Alfie, Amigo, Arex, Axel, Ava, Ayka

Last update on December 6th, 2023

These pictures show Amigo. He is doing very well

December 31st, 2021

The boy Amigo is doing great.

Sames goes for his brother Axel

Here we see the girl Ayka. Not too long ago another Barrett moved into this household, a son of Gwendi and Champ

Their sister Ava is also doing very well. She is living in the USA

October 30th, 2019

Since our last update a few days ago we received these three pictures of the beautiful Ayka-girl. She is doing great and she is waiting now for another House-Barrett puppy to arrive in her home

October 26th, 2019

Both Barretts, Axel and Ron (Orca/Gino, Orca/Tyson) are doing great. Soon a new Barrett will join this family

July 4th, 2018

We had to put a picture of Tyson in between the pictures of Amigo. Amigo acts like Tyson, he looks so much like Tyson, when it comes to his confirmation. Just like "Hundemama" had written on the newspage not too long ago. Tyson keeps living in his offsprings.

On May 19th 2018 we visited Amigo in Seattle, where is home is now. He is doing very well. He developed into a beautiful young male dog. Thanks to his owners we met with other Barrett owners on that day and even went for a little hike just like we do every year in Germany. We all had a great time!

Axel together with his friend "Ron", a son of Orca and Tyson. Their owner is so proud of his two boys. We received these pictures after the announcement of Tyson not being with us anymore. Many thanks!

Ron, a son of Tyson, Axel a grandson of Tyson

Unbelievable how much the genes become inherited. Ayka carries her toys at times just like Tyson used to do and how Gino does it. Like they are smoking a pipe

Ayka in the summer and in the winter

1st of March 2018

We with all of the a-puppies the best for their birthday and may you all bring much joy to your families

Beautiful "Axel" with his first candle

Beautiful proud girl "Ayka"

"Axel" up front with his "Barrett half-brother" "Ron". Both have the same Mom, our beautiful "Orca"

Orca can be very proud of her offsprings

14th December 2017

Axel, a son of Gino, together with his friend "Ron", a son of Tyson, both progreny of our beloved "Orca" which is expecting puppies soon again, hopefully!

Ayka is such an intelligent girl, her owner says

Ava with her family

Amigo also is turning in a beautiful young male dog

15th of August 2017

Alfie is also doing very well

Amigo is being well socialized

Arex starts getting his own head now. No more sweet puppy! It is a must to attend puppy classes, so the puppies get the correct socialization. This is very important, especially when families own a male puppy. They need love and guidance

Axel with his friend Ron

Ava brings much joy to her owners

Ayka is such a fisty little girl. She loves the water and she learns so fast, when it comes to new tasks

23rd of May 2017

Here we see Alfie. He is doing great

His brother Amigo is doing also very well and he is very smart, according to his owner

Arex loves to bite. It is a known fact, that puppies just love to bite in everything they can get a hold off.

His owners are so happy with him!

Axel and Ron are best friends. No wonder, they are related. Axel is a son of Gino and Ron a son of Tyson

Ayka is learning already at a young age, how to be a good horse-dog. Learning how to ride, learning how to go in and out the horse trailer. Beautiful little girl, she is

6th of May 2017

First pictures after the puppies arrived in their new homes

Amigo is doing very well. Sometimes he gets his five minutes, runs around, wants to bite in everything he can get a hold off. This is just puppy behavior. Puppies have so much energy, especially the Barrett puppies. We usually put a knot in a towel and then we play "tug war" with them. Let him bite in the towel, then move it to each side, pull on it a little bit and then let him win and run around with the towel. Proudly they usually carry the towel away. The minute they drop it again, we take it away and repeat this play for only a few times and then we take the towel away. That way this game is a game between us and the puppy and it means something special to the puppy and he will not focue too much on us anymore and trying to bite in the leg - which is normal for a puppy - or hang on pants legs. So we start each game and we do finish the game with this towel. We only do it for a few times and then take this towel away, so it will be always a special game for the puppy. That way he will get rid of some energy. Just make sure, that when you play "tug and war" with your puppy, that he is on a solid surface like a rug, so he cannot slide on the floor. This is too dangerous for his bones and joints.

Arex is also doing great in his new home

Axel and his older half brother are getting along very well, but are never left alone together by themselves. It is better to be cautious, then being sorry

Little Ayka is a very little fisty girl. On one picture we see her with her elderly friend. She also gets along very well with her new elderly male friend

April 23rd, 2017

Puppies were picked up and moved into their new homes

Amigo arrived safely in the USA. He is doing very well

Arex with his new "big" family

Axel with his new two legged family

and here we see him with his four legged halfbrother named Ron, a son of Orca and Tyson

Ayka with her new family, together with her parents Gino and Orca

Puppies with 8 weeks of age

Alfie, a puppy with a very nice temperament

His new home will be in the USA

Amigo is a very lovable puppy, he always likes to give kisses

His new home will be also in the USA

Arex is a very wild puppy, he will be staying near us, so we can keep an eye on him and give his new family advice with raising this little wild boy

Axel is also a little more on the wild side. His new home will be in Belgium. His new owner and the owner`s son have already two Barretts. Axel will be the third dog, but they all live in seperate homes.

Ava is a very cute girl, she loves water so much, that we cannot leave a bowl of water with the puppies. We have to tie the bugget up, so she cannot spill it. Her new home will be in the USA

Ayka is our smallest girl, but yet the most fisty little one. She is so smart and always the first one there, when she hears someone come. She will be with a friend of Dagmar`s, who had a Barrett already for many years

6th of April 2017

We are having so much fun to watch these puppies play. They are so funny. Some of them already love to play with the water in the bowl. More and more we see how their temperament is. Next week when we update this page again, we will introduce them with their names