List of participants for the hiking day on August 8, 2020

As of July 12th, 2020

Family Kuhnert, 22.06.2020

3 persons

Darkos (Bella/Gino), 1 Gasthund Gismo

Family Rieger, 22.06.2020

2 persons

Phiona (Asti/Nex)

Family Ruland, 23.06.2020

2 persons

Zorah (Cheyenne/Buddy), 1 Gasthund Ben

Family Pflaumer, 25.06.2020

2 persons

Zeus (Hera/Tabaluga)

Dörthe, 26.06.2020

1 persons

Yazoo (Funny/Yakko)

Family Najdanovic, 28.06.2020

3 persons

Valley (Gina/Gino), Lana (Gina/Vulkano) zum Mittagessen

Family Kleovoulos, 28.06.2020

2 persons

Karabash (Orca/Gino)

Family Singer, 30.06.2020

2 persons

Holly (Gina/Lucky)

Family Rech, 02.07.2020

2 persons

future Barrett owner (waiting list)

Family Klose, 05.07.2020

3 persons

Fly (Gino/Chiara)

Andreas und Marion, 05.07.2020

2 persons

Macho (Olympia/Gino)

Family Offers, 10.07.2020

2 persons for lunch and dinner and partly for the walk

Faisha (Hera/Buddy)

Family Leusder, 12.07.2020

2 persons

Unico-Carlos (Funny/Yakko)

Family Zimmermann, 12.07.2020

3 persons

Arex (Orca/Gino)

Family Barrett/Anderson

4 persons

Fellow (Keisha/Yazoo), Champ (Gina/Buddy)

Due to the current Covid 19 situation the guesthouse for lunch can only host 30 people in the guesthouse. Therefor the first 30 registrations are taken into account, the others would have their lunch in the beer garden.

For dinner, the restaurant is large enough to host all participants