Gina vom Team Barret

born: 12th of August 2015 - IPO1

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show title: V2 championship show in Switzerland 2019

Herros von Vierhundert Hertz

born: 15th of March 2015 _ IPO 1

breeding survey 1

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show title: V


Valco, Vasco, Voto, Viva

Last update on 29th of October 2023

Just a few days ago the Viva and her littermates did celebrate their first birhday. We wish them all the very best for the future!

12th of August 2023

The above pictures show Valco with his Barrett friend

Two Barretts with lots of chicken. The one to the right show Voto from behind

Viva has developed into a very proud and beautiful young female. She does favor her Mom very much when it comes to this beautiful coat and the very nice pigmenation. We do hope, that we will be lucky and Gina will have one more last litter, before she will retire in 2023/2024

Today it is Gina`s birthday. She can be very proud of her offspring

Last update on 3rd of March 2023

Meanwhile Valco and his littermates made very good friends with the adult Barretts

Vasco made very good friends with the adult Barrett girl

Viva keeps everyone busy at her new home, even the Senior Lady

9th of January 2023

Above pictures show Valko at his new home. He made friends right away with the other Barrett

Above pictures show Vasco at his new home as well. The adult Barrett girl does not interact with him too much. We do know, that sometimes it can take some time until they do except each other. It is better to be a little careful at first as to be sorry, if something would happen

Voto and this Barrett girl became friends right away

Viva also made friends with this elderly girl

The above pictures show us again, that sometimes it may take time for the adult dog and the puppy to get used to each other. It is wise of the new owner to be cautious, especially when it is feeding time.

The owner of Vasco are giving both dogs the time they need to become friends. Until then it is better to secure them or keep them apart for a few days, or even sometimes a few weeks, if necessary

January 6th, 2023

Valco with his new owners. At home there is another Barrett boy waiting for this boy

Vasco with his new owner

Here we see Voto giving kisses after his arrival. There was a Barrett girl waiting for him

Viva with her new family; again there is a Barrett girl waiting for her

We like to say thank you to all four families for the trust they gave us with the purchase of again a new Barrett member!

1st of January 2023

Here we see the last pictures of our Viva at her "puppy home"

Here we see our good natured Champ playing with Vasco

Our boy Lucky will not play with puppies like Champ does. Again, it shows us how different dogs are and it is good for us to know and to respect this behavior

Lucky will start playing with them, once they are about 6 or 7 months old, before he does not care much about puppies

22nd of December 2022

Valco is very similar to his Dad Herros

Vasco is more like the Mom Gina, when it comes to giving kisses, very lovable and more calm puppy

Voto is not afraid of anything

Viva is very similar to her mom Gina, when it comes to expression and pigmentation

18th of December 2022

Letzte Woche hatten wir Sonnenschein und diese Woche Schnee und Minusgrade. Egal, wie das Wetter ist, Mama und Bärchen genießen die Spielminuten, ehe es dann wieder unter die Rotlichtlampe geht

Last update on 11th of December 2022

The sun came out a bit yesterday, so our little bears were allowed to play in the garden for a short time. This was of course used to the fullest

We also used this short time for a video clip, which will be posted on our facebook and instagram pages some time during the day

4th of December 2022

In the meantime, our little bears have gotten used to the winter climate and are allowed to stay outside for several hours - of course with retreat under the red light lamp. As we can see, they are enjoying this time of the day
All male bears look very similar, only the female can be recognized very well; she has an extremely dark face

26th of November 2022

Puppies are four weeks old

This week our puppies had to be moved to a bigger place. They need the more room now, because they start playing now with each other

19th of November 2022

Puppies are three weeks old

We look at these pictures and see how much these puppies grew in just one week. We are very happy about their positive development

November 11th, 2022

These puppies are so cute and already looking so strong. When we are talking they hear the voice and lift up their heads! So cute!

This page has been opened on November 5th, 2022

All four puppies are doing great, developing very nice. Gina and Herros can be proud of their puppies

We will update this page weekly