Visit a puppy owner in St. Croix in October 2007

This time Hundemama flew to St. Croix. Since almost 4 years Trier from House-Barrett is living on this island. Trier is a brother of Tyson. The family had invited us for a visit

For "Hundemama" it was the first time to be on this Island. She had a beautiful time, but missed her loved ones at home. She could not wait to see her two- and four legged family again. Her children Jessica, Jennifer and Jason took care of the animals at home. Without their help she would not have been able to go on this trip or other trips she went on in the past. Many thanks again to all of her children.

Now we like everybody, who owns a House-Barrett dog and all the visitors of our website to enjoy these following pictures.

A view from the house

Very nice, typical built house on this Island with Swimming Pool

Ocean view

This is one of the beautiful beaches they have been to during their journey

The Cowboy asked her to stand up on the horse, just for fun

He is fixing the horse up for a short bare back ride

It is so much fun to ride along the beach, Hundemama had never done this before

The horses love to go into the water

A Cowboy on St. Croix

This is a very good snap shot Arthur took

Hundemama is sitting backwards on the horse

Here she is trying to stand up

a few seconds later she ended up in the water. The Cowboy gave her "five". He thought this was so funny

Here he is trying to talk the horse into laying down. The horse prefered not to, good horse!!!!

Now one of the highlights during this trip

Hundemama is visiting one of her babies here on St. Croix. He was sent here when he was 8 weeks old. He is doing very well

This is "Trier", one of the brothers of Tyson

He looks a lot like his Mom Zaskia

Like most of the Barrett dogs love to do,

he loves to carry things in his mouth

Trier is a very good looking male, with very good body structure, a beautiful masculine head and deep red and black pigmentation

Trier with his two girl-friends

Trier with his family and Dagmar

One last picture before Hundemama has to leave again

All Barrett dogs love children

and the little child obvesiouly loves him

This one has a nice Swimming Pool

This is an iguana

Beautiful houses can be seen on this Island

Many families come here during the winter

The water is very clear

nice colourful fishes can be seen

This small airplane is bringing passengers from and to St. John and St. Thomas, the other two Islands

Just before the sun goes down


one of the two little towns on this Island

another nice view of Christiansted

Christiansted has narrow streets

and cars have to drive on the left hand side

Narrow sight walks with nice little shops

Very nice houses can be seen on this Island

Savely they returned back to shore