USA visit to New York, Miami and Texas in the year 2006

Following pictures were taken on our trip to the USA in August 2006. We visited very nice families and their house-barrett. We want to thank every family again for their hospitality. It was a great trip which Jacko and I will never forget. I am sure, that we will repeat a trip like this again one of these days and visit some more families. Maybe next time we will fly to the westcoast.

Sonja with Jacko, in front of this great city New York

Sonja with family and of course the super dog Quindy

Just for this picture, Quindy was allowed to sit with us

at the table

Quindy with her owner and Dagmar, so called "Hundemama"

Quindy is a sister of our Queeny

last update on 31st of August 2006

This is the little Lady "Yesima".

She also has a very nice home in the US

She is a daugther from Melody and Gustl

She looks a lot like her Mom, but has a dark face

She loves the Pool

like all House-Barrett`s dog do

Yesima loves to cool off in the Pool

Yesima with her owners and Jacko

She is looking so alert

It was such a nice day with these lovely people

Last update on 2nd of September 2006

This is Capone`s home

He has a lot of yard to explore

Most of the time he is kept in the house,

because in the summer time it is very hot in Texas during the day

When the evening comes he goes outside with his owner

to water the plants

Of course he wants to help

Capone is the progreny of Tabaluga and Queeny

Little Chistopher is very proud of his beautiful friend

and so is his Dad

Of course Dagmar is proud of him also

He is so playful. We really enjoyed the time being with him and his family

Simone and Capone

from left to right:Dagmar, Simone, Capone, Christopher and Jason

Kyros with his friend

Both love the water