Trip to the USA in 2014

This year Hundemama flew together with her girl-friends Beate, Selina and Selina`s Mom first to Boston to visit Carol and family, the owner of two Barretts, then to Florida to meet with her son Jacko, who resides in Florida, and part of her family, then to San Francisco to meet with the owner of Quin and to meet with another Lady in Pebbles Beach and last but not least to visit Lisa in Las Vegas.

All four had a wonderful time and it will be for sure not the last trip to the USA. Selina and Hundemama do have plans to fly to Chicago mid part of May 2015 for the Siegershow of the Schutzhund Club of America. Plans are to stay for one week and meet up with a few Barrett owners who can make it to Chicago around that time. When the time comes just send a quick Email and we will be sending information

Again many thanks to our Barrett-Team, without this Team Hundemama would not been able to go on a vacation like this. The Barrett-Team took care of our fourlegged friends during Hundemama`s absence.

Quite a few pictures were taken on this trip. House-Barrett likes to share them with all the visitors of this webpage

This time these pictures will not be uploaded all at once, because so many pictures were taken. It takes time to upload these pictures, especially during the time we are raising puppies.

This page had been opened in October and continued on October 21st, 2014

Visiting friends in Cape Cod in May 2014

Our first stop was to meet with Carol on Cape Cod

A beautiful place

Nice places to go shopping

Nice houses

We walked for about one hour

All of us enjoyed

this day very much

Dunkin Donuts, great!

We had dinner at a nice restaurant with a nice view

Cute houses

Carol owns a cat and she enjoyed

the attention she did get from Hundemama

Next day we had a full program, first of all we went tracking with Carol

Carol as a very nice trainer who helps her with training her two dogs

Of course Selina went with us to show Viggo how

to walk or run in a ring

Nice stand

Viggo is a young son of Hera and Yakko

It did not take long and Viggo was presenting himself very nice

Look at him!

Carol`s girl Keisha could be our Indi. They look so much alike. It is amazing

Keisha is also a daughter of Buddy

Beautiful head and dark face, although both females have different Moms

Carol with her two Barretts

It was also very nice to meet up with the owner of Dame-Ziva,

a very big female from Nora and Tyson

One last picture for the album

and another one

Then things became serious. There was a trial held there that day

and Carol entered with her Keisha for the BH trial

For the first time we watched a schutzhund trial in the USA

Beate and Selina`s Mom seem to enjoy this very much

Introducing themselves to the judge

Carol with Keisha

It was very hot that day. No shade around

This kind of weather is not so good for a longhair GSD

Yet Keisha did very well

How nice she heels!

Almost finished

Both of them done very well, but the judge still found a few things, which they could have done better

The first part they had accomplished, now came the 2nd part

Which is called the "street part". Here the owner has to show, that the

dog is not afraid of cars, not of bikes, not of joggers

All of the dogs done very good

One dog was locked up to a pole, while others were passing with their dogs

The judge command Carol and her dog

and as you see on their faces, including Keisha`s face, all of them very happy, they passed the BH trial. Congratulations!

Carol, Hundemama and Keisha

Now it was the turn for the owners and their dogs for IPO trial

This one unfortunately did not make it

We believe, that training a dog for the IPO I trial is the hardest trial to

have your dog trained for. They have to learn everything

Just enjoying!

and having a good old "Pizza" for lunch

Just two hours later at the Boston Airport, waiting for the flight to Florida

Going to the gate!

Meeting with son Jacko and family in Florida in June 2014

Last year we did rent a nice house and stayed for one week.

This year we had done the same,

not only did we rent a nice house, we also rent a nice car

Boy, this is how you can enjoy the Florida sunshine weather!

Nice beaches!

Family clan

In the evening we met with Demitris, the owner of Leonidas

and with son Jacko

who also came for a visit

It is very difficult for a Mom to see her son only once in a while

Jacko and Selina

I guess, it is called "quality time"

Jacko and his Mom took a nice ride

through parts of Florida on one day

Nice times have come to an end

Saying goodbye! To the left Dagmar with her sister, up front their Mom

One more last picture, before we had to drive back to Tampa to catch an airplane to San Francisco

On the way to Frisco

These two pictures were taken from a penthouse, were we stayed during our visit in the city

First impression of the city

The next morning we met with Lynn, the owner of Quin

Thanks to her and her patience we were able to see famous parts of the city

Amazing these streets, up and down!

Here the famous "Lombard Street"

Of course we rode with the Cable Car

Had a beautiful view to the Golden Gate Bridge

On the way to Lynn`s home

Two "Hundemamas" enjoying each other

Selina made right away friends with Quin, he must know, that she has his sister at home

Quin was very patient

Everyone wanted a picture taken with him

He knows, that he is good looking

Just like his Mom Romy

Those two got something special going on!

At the time when we visited Quin he was only 8 months old

Full of energy. Took the egg carton out of the trash. So much fun to take this apart

His friend is so nice and calm. She is already an elderly Lady

Now he starts messing with Hundemama

How far can I go with her?

He talks not only with his mouth, also with his paws, again just like Romy, his Mom or his half sister Cheyenne

I am sooo good!

The time just went by too fast. Here on the way back into the city. To get to the city we had to drive over the Bridge again