Trip to USA in 2013

This year Hundemama flew to Chicago to visit the families of Nugget and Ranja and to Florida to visit the owner of D`Kala and Iron and last but not least to meet friends in Las Vegas.

This time she was accomponied by Beate, one of her friends, who owned a Barrett for almost 13 years. She owned the beautiful female Bergere one of Dagmar`s first puppies out of the "B-litter", which was born in 1996.

For Beate it was her first time to the USA and she did enjoy this vacation very much, especially the visits of the "Barrett Families"

Again many thanks to Selina and Jason, without them Hundemama would not been able to go on this vacation. They took care of our fourlegged friends during that time.

Quite a few pictures were taken on this trip. House-Barrett likes to share them with all the visitors of this webpage

Note: Next year around the end of May or beginning of June another trip is planned to the USA.

If a "Barrett-owner" is interested to meet her, please get in contact before January 2014. She would love to meet more families.

This page has been opened on July 2nd, 2013

It has been many years

since Hundemama had been to Chicago

Chicago is the new home

of Nugget "calling name Lilo"

She keeps the whole family in check,

not only the two legged friends,

also the fourlegged ones.

She tried her games with "Hundemama", but did not get very far

She sure is being loved

This is Ranja, a daughter of Romy and Buddy

Such a playful dog

She is fast

and she does look so much like her Dad "Buddy"

She lives in a lovely home

and is well taken care off

which is very important to Hundemama

She goes for long walks a few times a week

and carries the biggest sticks she can find

She did loose her friend a few months ago

At this time the whole family is waiting for a new House-Barrett

puppy, which we know already, will be a great companion for Ranja.

May we introduce the big "fellow" Iron? He is a son of Nex

and this is the daughter of Nora and Tyson, her name is D`Kala

Unbelievable how big he is for his age, just a few months old

D`Kala and Iron are living in Florida

D`Kala is such a sweet girl

just like her Mom

Never can get enough of playing

They have a lot of room to roam around

Her owner keeps plays with both of them a lot

Feeling good!

Nothing better then living together with such good friends

Little "Nex" looks so much like his Dad "Nex", especially when it comes to his size

What a great expession he has

They could not live a better life!

This little village was the new home in Florida for just 7 days

Beate and Dagmar met with her family

and Arthur. Her family came with the car from Kentucky

This was a very nice place to eat in Tampa

Very relaxing

The beach in Sarasota was so nice, fine white powdery sand

When it rains in Florida, it does rain

The next day the sun is shining again

After 7 days in Florida "Las Vegas" was waiting for us

Two Ladies trying out the night life of Las Vegas

Beautiful hotels from the inside

It was so nice!

Hundemama needed a pair of new Cowboy boots, so a visit to the biggest country store in "Sam`s Town" was on the schedule

That same night Lisa, Dagmar and Beate went to a country and western dancing place in Las Vegas. Viva Las Vegas!

This was a wonderful vacation again. Hundemama was able to visit a few Barretts and to see them in such good and responsible homes made her very happy. All the work she puts in her dogs and puppies are being rewarded, if the dogs are able to live such a great life. Thanks to all the Barrett families who take such good care of our Barretts.

Now the time has come to work with the Barretts again and raise new puppies. Hundemama will continue with her goal to make other families happy with a Barrett-puppy.