Trip to USA in 2012

Jason`s graduation in the year 2012 and another visit to New York, New Jersey and Kentucky to meet with House-Barrett families

As you can read on our news page two years ago Jason flew to the United States to attend High School. The time just flew by and now in June the time had come for him to graduate. For that reason Dagmar, together with her friend Selina and her son Jacko, flew over to Las Vegas to join him and his friends on this special day. Jason had stayed with our friends Lisa and Brandon, the same family Jacko stayed with three years ago.

For his graduation Mom gave Jason a present. A trip to New York, to Nashville, to Kentucky, to Houston and to San Marcos to visit House-Barrett families.

Altogether they had a wonderful time. Thanks again to every family, who had invited us into their homes. Especially to Sonja and family

Jason now is back in Germany and he will start his new trade job this coming September.

Quite a few pictures were taken during this trip. House-Barrett-Clan likes to share them with all the visitors of this webpage

This page has been opened on July 17th, 2012

Dagmar together with Jason on the way to the Graduation

Famous Gambling City

Nice Motel called "Desert Rose", located near the Strip

The vacation can begin

"Crazy Germans" together with Lisa exploring Vegas

by night

We watched the soccer game at the Hofbräuhaus

in Vegas

Jacko and Jason shopping for soccer shoes

At the Mack Center the graduation took place

Jason in the middle

Around 600 students graduated that evening

Jason together with his brother Jacko and his friend Brandon

Jason with Selina

One last picture before taking off to New York, from left to right

Lisa, Jason`s host Mom, and proud Mom Dagmar with her two sons Jason and Jacko

The three travellers with their luggage

Lay over in Chicago, missed the connection flight to New York, had to stay in a motel that night

One of the many road signs

Remembering 9/11

Where once the Twin Towers were standing,

is now a water fall

with all the names ingraved of the people who had lost their lifes on that tragic day

The only tree, which had servived 9/11


The following day

we walked accross the Brooklyn Bridge

Jason wanted to ride the speed boat

Jacko, Dagmar and Selina

That way we did get close to the Statue of Liberty

Jason loved New York

We guess, that everyone knows of that picture

Skyline of New York

New York by night

Always a lot of traffic

In this pub we had watched another soccer game

This is what is left of a bike

Just dancing away

The best way to get around in New York

Selina and Jason


Shopping at night

in New York

Bridge to New Jersey

Brooklyn Bridge

Now the time had come to visit a Barrett

Right away Jacko fall in love with this beautiful Buddy and Dorcas daughter

All Barretts love to give kisses

Jason just relaxing

She sure has her Dad`s head,

nice and dark and big

Jacko could not resist,

he had to take her in the pool

She looks a kind of lost on this picture

The minute he let go of her

she started to swim

Coming out of the pool


together with her friend

Just arrived in Nashville

Nashville, on the way to Kentucky

Arriving at the "Little Friends Ranch"

where Dagmar`s sister is raising miniture donkeys

A very nice place

Time to relax

Mom and Dad also were also there for a visit, Jason together with his cousins and his aunt Nadia

All the cousins together

Since Selina is working for Aldi in Germany,

she could not resist to make

quite a few pictures of this store

Aldi is a famous grocery chain, where people can buy groceries for a reasonable price. But People have to pack their own groceries at this store. More and moe stores of Aldi are opening up in the States. We seen some in Chicago and also in Kentucky

Jason loves to eat. It will be a big change for him to come back to Germany and get a home cooked meal every day

Jason and Dagmar being busy answering emails.

People and animals

ride all different ways on the Highway

Arriving in San Antonio

Beautiful city

The map of the River Walk

This sign shows where to go

Making some funny pictures

Jason with his Mom

Arriving in San Marcos

Going shopping for the last time

Jason together with his Mom and our friend Sheryl

One more last picture was taking before flying back home to Germany