Visit the USA in 2011

Almost one year has gone by, since Jason left Germany to attend High School in the USA. After being in San Diego for a few months he moved to Las Vegas to live with Lisa and Brandon. Both of them were so kind to let him stay with them until Jason will finish High School in 2012.

Dagmar and Julien, a family friend, who always helps showing the House-Barrett dogs, flew to Las Vegas last June. Not only was Las Vegas on the plan, also Los Angeles. Dagmar and Jason also visited Ken and Ify, the owner of Baron Cody, in Seattle and met with other families who own a "House-Barrett" dog. Dagmar and Jason wanted to thank these families for their hospitality.

A BIG THANK YOU to Ken and Ivy for everything they did during the few days of the stay.

Another trip to the USA is planned already for 2012. Next June there will be a big event. It will be Jason`s Graduation from High School. Selina, Dagmar`s friend, who often takes care of the House-Barrett dogs while Dagmar is on vacation, will join Dagmar on this special trip. After the graduation Dagmar will visit again owners of House-Barrett dogs. This time in Texas, Kentucky, and New York (New Jersey) to visit again House-Barrett owners. She feels so much better, when she sees her dogs happy in their homes.

Now Dagmar would like to share the pictures below with all visitors of this webpage.

This page has been opend on 24th of October 2011

We took a tour

to see Hollywood

Julien, Dagmar and Jason

Dagmar with her son

The famous walk


A STAR of Muhammad Ali

What a feeling

As ays a little foggy in the morning, the sign of Hollywood we were not able to see at this time

Dagmar on the famous "couch"

It was a beautiful day

Very nice view

Jason had to take this picture, it shows two dogs talking for a walk by a dog sitter

He also took pictures of some very nice houses

Julien and Jason on "Rodeo Drive", which is a famous shopping strett in Beverly Hills

Jason imagined for one moment, that this was his car

Then we went on the beach

Jason trying to hit this ball

Dagmar hit the ball over the fence to the other party

Jason with Ken and Ivy, the owner of Baron Cody

We also visited Destiny, the sister of our Dorcas

She looks a lot like her Dad "Tabaluga"

Destiny with her new friend "Tahnee", the daughter of Olympia and Tyson

Tahnee had only been a few weeks in her new home, when this picture was taken

Destiny enjoying the water

Michelle with her son, Dagmar, Destiny and Tahnee

Jason and Dagmar going for a ride

Not only Jason and Dagmar

Baron-Cody sure lives a good life

He is a son of Dorcas and Tyson. He looks just like Tyson. We could not get over that

Cody wants to go for a ride again

Seattle has been known for rainy days, we were lucky

The first day after our arrival

was a beautiful day

Cody with his little friend

He lets him win

That morning we took Cody

to the dog park

We went on a beautiful walk

Another of Cody`s friend


What a beautiful animal

Cody with Dagmar

with Jason and Ken

That afternoon more Barretts came for a visit

Following pictures show beautiful Rumi,

a daughter of Romy and Buddy

According to her owner, she is very smart,

but kept her busy

in the first half year

Cody with Rumi






Tahnee also came for a visit

that afternoon

From right to left, Baron-Cody, Tahnee and Rumi

All three dogs are "true Barrett" and their families are very happy with them. For us it is very important, that our dogs have such wonderful homes! Thanks again to their owners for treating them so well!