USA Trip in the year 2009

As you can read on our vacation page from 2008 my son Jacko was attending High School for the last two years in Las Vegas. For that reason Dagmar, together with Arthur and her Mom flew over to Las Vegas to join him and his friends on this special day. We met very nice families and made friends with Lisa and Brandon, the family Jacko stayed with in the last year.

While Dagmar was in the USA her animals were very good taken care of by her adult children and Andreas, her 10 year old friend, who has been with her to show her dogs and support her with training the House-Barrett dogs. Without the children and his help Dagmar would not have been able to leave her four legged friends for this time. Everybody knows, that it is a big responsibility to take care of animals.

For a present for his graduation Jacko flew with Hundemama to Seattle, Houston, Austin and Kentucky to visit House-Barrett owners

They had a wonderful time with each family and quite a few friendships were made. After emailing to each other first in the process of purchasing a puppy from House-Barrett over the past years and in the past receiving their Barretts finally they became a chance to meet each other. Thanks again to every family, who made this vacation for Jacko and Dagmar so nice.

Hopefully that one of these days Dagmar and her family can show these families and others who like to come to Germany

During their journey they met with the owners of Baron Cody, a son from Dorcas and Tyson, with Xabie, a daughter of Nora and Tyson, with Destiny, the daughter of Nora and Tabaluga, also a sister of our Dorcas and with Willow, a beautiful daughter of Indra and Simon.

Quite a few pictures were taken during this trip. Dagmar would like to share them with all the visitors of this webpage, who love this wonderful breed.

To the families who are waiting for a House Barrett dog at this time, we like to say, that it might take a few months until you receive your puppy, but you will see, the waiting is worth it. You will receive a well socialized, smart and beautiful animal

This page has been opend on 18th of July 2009

Jacko in front of his High School

Famous Gambling City

Just before the ceromony

Jacko going for his graduation certificate

These pictures were taken just after the graduation

Proud Mama with Jack (Mom calls him always Jacko)

Jacko with friends

With more friends

In the evening the family explored Las Vegas

Interesting city

Jacko thought it was funny to throw his Mom into the pool with all her clothes on

Who is this Indian woman?

Visiting the famous sight of Grand Canyon

The glass platform

This cowboy took Hundemama for a short ride

to the Grand Canyon west rim

Dagmar loves country music, here with her Mom in the wax museum

Grandma loves Elvis

Like a lot of women Dagmar loves to go shopping

For Arthur it was difficult to get her out of these stores

This is the home of Destiny

Destiny is the sister of our Dorcas

Destiny with her owner

She loves to play with sticks and balls

Hundemama with Destiny, she looks, by the way,

a lot like her "Dad" Tabaluga

This is the home area of Baron Cody

To the left Destiny, Dagmar and to the right the 6 months old Baron Cody

Which by the way looks so much like his Dad "Tyson"; unbelievable

Hundemama did not call him Baron Cody, she always called him "little Tyson"

The families with their Barrett dogs picked up Hundemama and Jacko at the Airport

This is the home of Baron Cody

Ivy is so happy to have this beautiful animal

The Barrett dogs are so smart, look at Cody, how he watches Ivy

Baron Cody

Very careful he takes the treat from Ivy

Ken and Ivy with their loved one

Michelle has more dogs then just Destiny

This picture was taken in a nice coffee place

Now it becomes interesting

Dagmar never flew in such a small airplane

Then she even took over for a short while

Down there was our destination

Here we are

Jacko with his Mom

The water was so cold

Since Jacko is still under 21 he had to be marked and had to stay close to Mom during the visit in a country club in Houston, Texas. Dagmar loves to dance to country music

Jessica met with Mom and Jacko in Houston. This was a big surprize for Jacko

Jacko, Jessica and Mom went together with the Reynas their friends for a boat ride on Lake Travis

Jessica, Jack, Joshua and Bobby

Having a lot of fun in Fiesta Texas

A family and friend picture

Jessica also loves to shop

Boy what a big hat?


A big hurricane had hit Galveston last year

Sun down in Galveston

It is fun to ride around in a golf cart

Them two are always up to something

Boy, he looks funny

Proud owner of Xabie

Xabie to the left with her friend

Xabie is a daughter of Nora and Tyson

She is so smart, one year old

He loves his dogs so much

What a nice picture

Two more pictures

before it is time to say goodby

In Nashville Jacko and Dagmar met with the owner of Willow

A daughter of Indra and Simon

Willow has an extreme high play drive

She needs to be trained, Hundemam thinks

Willow with her owner

All three together