Hundamama trip to USA in 2008

My son Jacko is attending High School in the USA. If everything goes well, he will graduate in the year 2009. For the summer break he came home to Germany. Before he came back to Germany in June of this year together with him I went on a short trip to several States in the USA to visit families, who had purchased a beautiful puppy from us in the past. We also visited relatives in Houston and a family, who was waiting anxiously for their puppy from Nora and Tyson to arrive. Meanwhile the little puppy arrived save as you can see on our latest entry on the X-litter-page.

Now a few lines to explain whom we met and which dog out of which litter is with this certain family.

King, a two year old male out of the K-litter (Nora/Tyson) has been trained by his owner very well. At times they as a team get called in from the police department to do some drug search. It was a pleasure for me to meet Chris and his wife, the owner of King. He is a proffessional dog trainer and I was amazed to see how he trains his dogs. I even received some valuable tips. I will put Chris`s banner on my "link page" very shortly. Meanwhile he recieved another puppy from us, her name is Victoria.She is a daughter from Melody and Tabaluga. When I come back next time I am sure, that I will see a well trained little young female. King and Victoria are living near Atlanta.

The owner of the female "Daggi" came all the way from North Dakota to meet with us in Las Vegas. Jacko, Jessica (my daughter) and I with the owner of Daggi did spent a beautiful evening together. Thanks again to this lovely family. I am sure, that one of these days our paths will meet again.

Our journey then took us to St. Croix, where we came back for a visit with the owner`s of Trier. Trier is the brother of Tyson

The expecting new owners from Xabie we also visited in Houston. We were invited on their beautiful beach house in Galveston. We spent lovely two days with this very nice family. Meanwhile Xabie is with them and she seems to love the ocean like we did. We sure will be back again.

Last but not least we flew to our friends in New Jersey, where we visited Yesima and her owner Pat. Yesima is a daughter of Melody and Gustl. A very beautiful female. Every time our journey takes us to New York, we always go and visit Pat. A dear friendship between us has developed throughout the years. While we stayed with Pat, Athos and her owner came to meet with us. Athos is doing very well. If you look at his progeny on the S-litter page, they also seem to do very well.

We also stayed in New York for a few days with the Hofer family, the owner of Quincy.

The owner of Dario came to New York to meet with me. We went for a walk in the central park together. Dario is a son of Cindy and Gustl, a very beautiful male dog. Unfortunately he was trained - it seems to me by a very unexperienced trainer - at a very young age. He does not trust humans anymore.

This shows again, that nobody should send their dog to a strange trainer, before checking out his methods of training and his experience. The dog usually is the one, who has to suffer and maybe even gets destroyed or put in an animal shelter, because nobody can handle this type of dog anymore. Dario is so lucky to have such a sweet owner, who invests the time to make the best of it, what was mest up at such a young age.

To prevent an incident like this in the future, I will put Chris`s link on our webpage and urge every House-Barrett owner to get in contact with him or me, if it comes to questions about training their GSD or looking for a good trainer.

We had a pleasant journey and of course we took a lot of pictures during that trip and we would like to share these pictures with every visitor of our webpage.

Jason, who took care of our four legged friends during my absense. Without their help this trip would have not been possible for me to go on.

We all have one in common, the love we have for this wonderful breed "The long coated GSD"

Nobody ever forgets, "people who love animals, usually also have a heart for other people. "

This is King

He is living near Atlanta

As all Barrett dogs

he loves to play with anything he can find

His owner is very proud of him

He is a professional dog trainer

with a lot of knowledge and experience

At a later time we will putmore information on our "link-page".

This is King`s home

Daggi is very happy to see Jessica and Jack

It has been almost a year since she left us. She still seems to know Jessica

Dagmar, Jessica and Daggi`s owner,

who drove all the way from North Dakota to meet with us

Part of the Barrett-Family with Daggi

The owner of Trier

showed Jacko how to open up a pinapple

and then get the juice out of there

Boy, someone needs some strengh to do this

Proud Trier with Hundemama and Christine

This time Jacko is also on the picture

Hundemama "Dagmar" together with her son Jacko and Trier

Trier going on five years already

Dario together with his owner

they came from New Jersey

to New York

Together we drove to the Central Park

She is taking very good care of Dario

She bought him a bottle of water, so he can have something to drink

As you can see, he was very thirsty

Dario looks a lot like our "Gustl", who had just passed away not too long ago. He has his big head and his looks, he is just a little darker then he was. I guess this is part of Mom "Cindy"

As you can see, the Central Park is a place for people

to just get away from the big City and relax

The last pictures of New York,

before we had to leave this busy city again

Athos has been with his new owner close to 8 months

He is doing very well

from right to left, Pat, the owner of Yesima, Jacko, Karin , Athos and Hundemama

from right to left, Jacko, his friend Marco from Germany, Karin, Athos and me again


He is 3 years old

On our way to Kennedy Airport these pictures were taken of the Brooklyn Bridge

In the distance the skyline from New York

Here we like to introduce the new owners of Xabie. I took this pictures, so Jacko could be on this also.

They have already a very smart GSD. To the right you see one of Jacko`s friend, who flew all the way from Germany to be with us for a few days

We stayed at a beach house in Galveston. And this is the best way, how people

get to the beach and back. Of course the four legged friends also have to learn to ride on one of these golf carts

He loves the water

and he loves to play with his ball

He does not care how high the waves are,

he just wants to get to his ball

This picture was taken in June, by now they already have received their new little girl "Xabie"

This trip to the US we will not forget for a long time and we are sure, that it won`t be the last time.