U-litter Team-Barrett

Gwendi vom Team Barrett

born 6th of April 2019, BH, HD-normal, ED-normal

show rating SG

Champ vom Team Barrett

Born.: 28th of August 2018 - SchH 1 - KKL1, HD- fast normal, ED-normal

show rating V


Ulk, Uncas, Unix, Uran, Ursus, Ulana, Unja, Ursa

Last update on September 16th, 2023

A year has passed already since we last updated this page. The Gwendi-Champ-puppies have developed into handsome youngsters. If everthing goes

the way we have planned, we will be raising Gwendi-puppies again this fall

The above pictures show Ulk

These dogs are acceptional lovable and also very smart dogs. They always do something funny as you can see when you view the pictures above of Uncas

Same goes for Uran. He also finds something funny to do. Gwendi puppies are so smart

Unix with his two friends

8th of August 2022

Below pictures show our puppies at their new homes

Above we see Ulk, he is having a great time with his new friend

Above we see Uncas with his new family. He loves to dig holes at the beach

Unix is not alone at his new home. He has another four legged friend

Uran such a cute little puppy and so friendly. He always cools off in his water dish

Ursus has been our "Macho" from the start. He still acts like one

Ulana and Unja enjoy their new home, a farm in Utah. Plenty of room to have fun

It is very nice for us to know, that our puppies are doing so well. Thanks to all the new owners for staying in contact with us

Last update on 30th of June 2022

We wish every new "Barrett family" the best and lots of joy with their new "Barrett puppy"

Yesterday was an unforgettable day for this family. The time came to pick up Uncas at the Airport and bring him home

Unix arrived save at his new home in the US. Here we see him with his new "Hundemama"

The pictures of our two girls are still missing. As soon as we have received them, we will update this page.

We also will update this page soon with new pictures of the puppies in their new homes!

Ulk will be the 2nd Barrett for this family

Uran is the first Barrett for this couple

Our Macho "Ursus" will come into a family with lots of GSD experience

The girl "Ursa" will be the man`s third Barrett

More pictures will follow as soon as we have received them

22nd of June 2022

Again we see, when we look at these puppies, how Champ does inherit his mellow temperament and his loving nature. He does very much enrich our breeding program when it comes to puppies with a nice and relaxed temperament. The girl Ursa should have stayed with us, because she is just like him. But she was promised to a friend a long time ago, who is now receiving the third Barrett dog over the past 26 years. We do let her go with a very sad eye, but we do keep our words to everyone and we try to fit each puppy to their future family as good as we can at the age of 6 1/2 weeks. This is usually the time when we pick out each puppy for the future owner

Ulk is a sweet male with a mellow temperament, sometimes even a little reserved

Uncas is also a very sweet puppy with a very nice temperament

Unix is a nice mixture between Mom and Dad, has also a nice temperament

Uran is a lively puppy with lots of energy, when the others are already tired, he still wants to play

Ursus is the wildest puppy in this litter. It was very difficult to make this picture. He does not want to sit still

Ulana is a very smart girl. She takes the toys away from others without them noticing it

Unja has a very nice play drive

Ursa does favor her Dad very much, not only from the looks, also when it comes to her temperament. She likes to lie on your lap and give kisses

17th of June 2022

Today we made some close up pictures of the puppies. Next week they will be introduced by name. All of our puppies are used to water already. Unfortunately they think their water dish is a pool. So the future owners of these puppies must make sure, that they use a water bowl, which cannot move. It is so cute to watch them play in the water

10th of June 2022

Our eight puppies are just doing great. They have such cute faces and beautiful pigmentation. No wonder, if we look at "Mom and Dad".

3rd of June 2022

The little ones are getting more and more lively every day. Mama Gwendi takes good care of her family. Today we not only made pictures of them, there are additional video clips on facebook and instagram. Just have a look, please!

May 28th, 2022

Our puppies grew so much since our last update

For the first time they were able to spend some time in our garden

At first they did not want to go to far away from the blanket,

but then they found the toys and started to play