Enza vom Team Barret

born: 21. April 2015, IPO I, KKl 1,

show title

HD-normal, ED-normal (= excellent

in the youth class she had been shown at the world championship show of the SV in 2016 and came in the middle field

Grizzly vom Waldschlössche

born: 21st of April 2016 - IGP

Körklasse 1, HD-normal, ED-normal (= excellent

show title V


Toby, Tamy, Tessa, Tisha, Tonka

Last update February 17th, 2023

On the occasion of the Enza Grizzly offspring's first birthday, we received these and the following pictures together with "updades". We start with the male "Toby", who brings a lot of joy to his owners,

the same joy as the Barrett female Gundi brings to them, the sister of our Gwendi

Above we see "Tessa". She is a bright female with whom the owner has a lot of fun

Tonka is doing great too. She is being trained because she is also very teachable, which her owners are very happy about.

We with all the above offsprings a late "Happy birthday and all the best in the new year, above all health

July 11th, 2022

Almost three months have passed since our puppies moved into their new homes. All of them are doing great! Over the past three months we received lots of pictures from their owners, which show them in their new homes and today we like to share them with everyone!

The next update of this page will take place for their first birthday. We would love to receive new pictures of the youngsters from now until their first birthday.

Toby is doing great. He does have a "Barrett girl-friend", actually his friend is the sister of our dam Gwendi

Tamy also does not have to grow up alone. They do get along very well. She is such a cute little girl. She is very smart and learns so easy

Tessa also moved into a home with other dogs. She adjusted very fast, although one of her friends is much bigger

As we can see Tisha is doing well with her new friends, among is a senior GSD

From the beginning Tonka showed herself as an extreme confident puppy. Her owner have so much fun with her. She was watching the shoes from the beginning and above we see her during her first vacation this summer.

April 18th, 2022

Just a few moments after we updated this page, we received a "family picture" of Toby. He is living in USA now. Over many years Toby is now the fourth "Barrett" in this home. We would like to thank this family for the trust they have given us once again to purchase Toby. Due to COVID it took almost two years to receive this boy

Tisha with her new owner. Tisha`s new home is in Canada now

Here we see Tamy together with her Mom Enza and her new family. Enza will celebrate her 7th birthday this coming Thursday

Here we see little "wild" Tessa. We are sure, that we will receive lots of updates from her new family. Tessa does favour her Mom Enza very much, in all kinds of ways

Here we see little "Tonka" with her new family. This couple already had the joy of a Barrett for over 12 years. Now finally the time had come to pick up their 2nd Barrett. Her new home will be in Switzerland

April 11th, 2022

Unfortunately it was getting late already, when we took the pictures of the three girls and the boy. The picture of Tonka was taken earlier while they were sleeping. The sun was shining so nice, so the pigmentation comes out much nicer on the one girl. But all in all they have the same deep and red pigmentation, all of the puppies in this litter

Here we see our only boy named Toby. He has a very nice temperament

This is our cute little Tamy. At first she was a little shy. In the last two weeks she changed, but still needs a little time until she makes friends

Here we see the girl Tessa. She is our wildest girl in this litter; extremely wild.

She does favor her Mom Enza very much. She is always into something and if she gets something in her mouth, she does not want to let go

Tisha is the 2nd wildest in this litter. She is very outgoing and is very alert

Tonka has a very nice temperament. She is nice and relaxed. This picture was taking in the afternoon. We believe that the boy Toby and Tonka are very much alike

April 3rd 2022

To the left we see our little boy and to the right we see a girl, which is layed back a little compared to the other three girls

As we can see they have a very good appetite. In about one week each puppy will be introduced by name and by their character

March 27th, 2022

Each day they become more and more active

March 20th, 2022

Puppies are now five weeks old

All puppies are doing great. Mom Enza is taking such good care of her five puppies

This page has been updated on March 13th, 2022

The puppies just enjoyed being outside for the first time today.