S-Wurf "Team Barrett"

Bacira vom Team Barrett

Born: 23. August 2018

IPG1, Körklasse 1, HD-normal, ED-normal, Back OCD: O
show title: V

Champ vom Team Barrett

Born.: 28th of August 2018 - SchH 1 - KKL1, HD- fast normal, ED-normal

show rating V


Sam, Sancho, Sanjo, Shivas, Speedy, Spike, Spooky

Last update on 11th of September 2023

A year passed by since our last update

Sancho is doing very well

The above pictures show Speedy, two pictures were taken on our this years hike in August

Spooky loves to explore Germany on hikes; his family does not want to miss him

Spike with his old senior friend

Sanjo is bringing lots of joy to his family

30th of July 2022

Sanjo is doing very well

Speedy is doing all kind of funny things. His owner is so happy with him

Spike helps with the yard work at times, then other times he knows how to chill

The children love their new friend "Spooky"

The next set of pictures will show them in their new homes

Sam with his new owners

Sancho with his new owners

Here we see Sanjo with his new owner

This family hardly could wait to pick up their little Shivas

The same goes for Speedy

The Lady is receiving her third Barrett. His name is Spike

Spooky will be a part of a big family

One last picture before they leave their home

Puppies are seven weeks old

Sam is a wild puppy

Sancho has a very nice temperament

Sanjo is a lively puppy

Shivas loves to cuddle, but does show his brothers who the boss is

Speedy is pretty much the same as his brother Shivas

Spike is a very wild puppy

Spooky has a very nice temperament and he loves to cuddle

Puppies are six weeks old

Today the sun was shining. For the first time the puppies were allowed to explore our garden. They had so much fun, as everyone can see on these pictures.