The R-litter, born 15th of March 2017

Nixe vom Kuckucksland

WT: 29. Juli 2010 _ IPO 1 _ AD, KKl. 1, HD-normal , ED normal_

Schaubewertung V

Zeus von Lüttersbruch

born 18th of July 2012 IPO3, Kkl 1

HD-normal, ED-normal. schow result V


Ray, Rainy

Last update on April 26th 2018

"Rainy vom Team Barrett" at a show in the US, she received the title SG 1 and a great judge report according to her owner


Rainy a few months ago

September 29th, 2017

He lives together with another 8 year old Barrett with the name Fin

Ray grew into a beautiful young male

Rainy is doing very well

Both puppies are just doing great

To the left Ray and to the right Rainy

Ray with his new owners

Rainy with her new owners

We are so happy with the development of these two puppies. Already we are thinking about a litter repeat. We will wait until 2018 and then make this decision. We just love these two puppies

Puppies are eight weeks old

Hundemama took both puppies to a little Fairy in town

The above pictures show the girl Rainy. She is a very wild girl

The boy Ray is not as wild, but also playfull and interested in everything he can find

He loves to mess with his sister