Q-Wurf "Team Barrett"

Bacira vom Team Barrett

Born: 23. August 2018

IPG1, Körklasse 1, HD-normal, ED-normal, Back OCD: O
show title: V

Champ vom Team Barrett

Born.: 28th of August 2018 - SchH 1 - KKL1, HD- fast normal, ED-normal

show rating V


Qino, Qinto, Qody, Quero, Quido, Quintas, Quiro, Questa

Last update on 8th of July 2022

The boy Qino

Qinto with his girl-friend. Above he celebrated his first birthday not too long ago

The above seven pictures show Qody during his first year at his new home

The boy Quero

The above six pictures show Quido. His home is in the USA. His "girl-friend" is also a Barrett

Quintas, at first when he moved into his new home, then we see him during the first year and above we see him on vacation in the mountains

The second three pictures show Questa in her new home, the above three pictures show her between the age 8 and 13 months. She sure did inherit Dad`s big HEAD

12th of August 2021

Qinto with his new family

For Qody two other Barretts are waiting at home

Quero with his new owner

Qunitas with his new family

As soon as we receive pictures of the others we will upload them on this page

Quintas with her new family

Qino has a very nice temperament

Qinto also has a nice temperament, but likes to mess with his littermates at times

When Qody has something to eat, no other puppy comes near him

Quero has a very nice play drive

Quido has a lot of energy

Quintas was the "runt" of the litter. The bigger ones might pushed him away when he was smaller, but not anymore. He is picking up quite a bit

Quiro has also lots of energy

Questa looks more like a male puppy. She is a very big girl

Our puppies are doing great. Next week will the time come to pick out the puppies for each family. "Hundemama" did mark a few puppies already according to their temperament, because they all look very much alike. It is very difficult to tell the difference

They are moving around more and more as we can see on these pictures