N-Wurf "Team Barrett"

Bacira vom Team Barrett

Born: 23. August 2018

IPG1, Körklasse 1, HD-normal, ED-normal, Back OCD: O
show title: V

Lucky vom Team Barrett

WT.: 09. Februar 2016 - IPO1 -

KKL1, HD-normal, ED-normal, LÜW : 0

Ausstellungsbewertung V


Nelson, Nemo, Neros, Nico, Nancy, Nara, Neila, Nora

Last update on 9th of September 2022

Nancy is just doing great

and so is her sister Neila in Switzerland

Nelson developed into a very nice looking male, who does favor his Dad very much

22nd of November 2021

Above we see the boy Nelson

Nemo has grown into such a proud boy. He is lying there like "Lion King"

Neros loves to play

Nico is doing very good

The girl Nancy

Nara with her two friends, the German Shepherd boy and the cat

Neila is enjoying the country view in Switzerland

Nora with her owner

August 24th, 2021

The above pictures show Nelson

Neila is doing great

The above pictures show Nemo

The above pictures show Nancy

The above pictures show Nara

The above pictures show Nora

March 4th, 2021

It was very nice to receive the first pictures of the boy Nico

Nemo is doing great, he loves children

Nancy is always doing something. She is doing very well and her owner is very happy

Nora is a lively puppy. She is doing great and as we see here, she loves to read the newspaper

January 30th, 2021

The boy Nelson is doing fine

Nemo is doing very well in his new home. He already made friends with a two legged Baby

Neros keeps his owners very busy

Nancy was doing very well in her new home from day one

We also received the first pictures of Nara

Neila is very confident when going on short walks

The owner of Nora has been running after her in the garden for the last few days to take things out of her mouth that she shouldn't pick up. On the advice of "dog mom" she is now only allowed to go into the garden unattended with a small muzzle. Unfortunately, this can be the case with small puppies in the first few weeks to protect them from diarrhea. It only took a few minutes and Nora accepted her muzzle. With advancing age, this bad habit should be gone again and she can do without wearing a muzzle.

At this point many thanks again to the new "Barrett families" for the updates and the sending of the pictures, without which we would not be able to maintain the progeny pages in such detail. We wish all the best and above all health for all two and four-legged friends!

Both Bacira and Lucky can be proud of these wonderful offsprings

25th of January 2021

Nelson with his new owner

For many years this couple used to own a boy named Hardy, he was the halfbrother to our beloved Tysons. This time they will be the owner of "Nemo", a grandson of Tyson

This couple used to own also a Tyson son for 13 years; now they will be the owner of the grandson of Tyson named "Neros"

This will be his first "Barrett" boy, his name is Nico

Nancy will be the third Barrett for this couple. They used to own the first Tyson son and also a beautiful girl named "Lucy-Lou" for many years

Nara with her new owner

Neila and her new owner. Her new home will be in Switzerland

Nora with her new owner

Last update on 19th of January 2021

Puppies are seven weeks old

Nelson is a very cute and lovable puppy

Nemo has a very nice temperament

Neros and his sister Nora are the wildest puppies in this litter

Nico has a nice temperament, just like his brother Nemo

Nancy is a very confident puppy. She does not like when her littermates mess with her

Nara is a sweet little girl

Neila has also a very nice temperament

Nora is just like her brother Neros; very wild

Last update on 11th of January 2021

Puppies are six weeks old

Our puppiies are doing very well. As you can see, they have got used to the current weather. It is very cold here in Germany at this time. Of course, they still use a heat lamp outside, when they get tired. So they are able to warm up while they are resting. In the evening they go back to their warm stable.

Last weekend was a special one for our puppies, because due to the current situation, the future families came to us every two hours. The puppies were doing great. As you can see from the pictures, they are very open and curiously observe their surroundings. They never seen "Hundemama" with a camera standing on the stairs. The stairs were examined immediately.

At the next "photo shoot", the little ones will introduce themselves by name.