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Isko, Ida, Inky, Izzie

Last update on 31st of December 2021

The girl Izzi is doing great

October 24th, 2020

Isko with "Axel", another Barrett

from right to left all three Barretts, Isko, Axel and Ron

Izzie and Isko

Above pictures show the girl Izzie

The girl Ida, she is doing great

Inky is also doing very well

Here we see little "Isko" with his Barrett friends

A few more pictures of Isko

Ida is still the Devil

Inky is getting along with all of her GSD friends, including one other Barrett

New pictures of Izzie . She is doing very well

17. März 2020

Isko is doing just fine in his new home

Here we see Isko with his two Barrett friends Axel and Ron

Inky also arrived save in her new home after a long car ride. The other Barrett is very happy to meet her

Izzie lives very close to Isko. I am sure, we will receive lots more pictures of her with Isko together

Isko and his sister Izzy will live pretty much close together. Isko comes into a home with two other Barretts

Ida and her new owners

Inky will also go to a home, where there is another Barrett

Izzie with her new family; we are sure we will see lots of pictures of Isko, Izzie and the other two Barretts

Puppies are close to 8 weeks old

Isko has the same temperament like Izzie, very nice male puppy and no "Macho"

Izzie is a very cute little girl. She does not like to start anything. She gets along with every litter mate.

Ida is our little devil in this litter

Inky is just like her sister Ida very alife

Puppies are six and a half weeks old