Gloria vom House-Barrett, born on Memorial Day

Enza vom Team Barrett

WT 21. April 2015, KKl I, IPO1, HD-normal, ED-normal

Ausstellungsbewertung: V

Champ vom Team Barrett

WT 28. August 2018 - SchH 1 - KKL1, HD- fast normal, ED-normal

Ausstellungsbewertung: V



Last update on 6th of August 2023

The time had come for Gloria to move into her new home

Gloria with her new "Dog-Mom". We just had to make another close up picture of her. She has such a beautiful and cute face. Typical Enza puppy

24th of July 2023

Gloria is eight weeks old

Gloria developed to a wonderful and smart puppy; especially since she had other puppies to play with over the past two weeks

Last update 12th of July 2023

Gloria is six weeks old

Gloria started to make friends with the Bacira puppies. Which is very good, so she has playmates from now on

5th of July 2023

Gloria ist five weeks old

Gloria is such a cute little girl and she is very active, just like her Mom

26th of June 2023

Gloria is almost four weeks old

Gloria at almost four weeks, how attentively she explores the world. She is now allowed to slowly get to interact with the Bacira puppies; now still with a barrier, so that the acclimatization is done carefully
That way, Gloria does not have to grow up alone, but also has four-legged friends with whom she will soon be able to play. At the moment she likes to play with Mom and Dad. Both together with "Hundemama" take such good care of her

15th of June 2023

Gloria is two weeks old

Gloria was able to spend some time in the garden today

This page has been opened on 1st of June 2023

Gloria has all the milk she wants to have

If we look at these pictures

we see already the nice shape of her head, just like her Dad, and also the beautiful pigmentation of Mom.

Later on we will see, if she has the sound temperament of her Dad or the active temperament of her Mom