Enza vom Team Barrett

born 21st of April 2015, KKl I, IPO1, HD-normal, ED-normal

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Yazoo vom Haus Barrett

Born.: 30th August 2015 - SchH 1 - KKL1, HD normal, ED-normal

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Gabor, Gerry, Gismo, Gonzo, Gipsy, Gisa, Gundi, Gwendi

Last update on 10th of February 2023

One year went by since our last update. Above we see relaxing Gonzo

February 5th, 2022

The girl Gundi is doing great, soon a new Barrett puppy will join her life

Our Gwendi is also doing great. Meanwhile she did pass the VGP 1. She loves to play with our youngest girl "Ronja"

Gerry did pass his BH trial a few weeks ago. His owner is very proud of him

Gonzo had been very successful for the last months. He received quite a few titles

16th of January, 2021

Gonzo has received an AKC-title. We are sure, that this will be not the last one. Congratulations!

His sister "Gwendi" is also doing very well. We hope, that we will be able to continue with her training in the near future. She is such a smart girl and learns so fast. It is a joy to train her

But boy if we leave her at home alone too long, she does get bored very fast. Then she gets interested in all kinds of things. Typical Enza-girl. We would not want to miss her for one minute, although she is testing "Hundemama" quite often to remind her, that she is a very smart girl and smart girls look for things to do. You can see it in her face, especially on the picture to the right.

April 12th, 2020

Gerry and Gwendi and all littermates just celebrated their 1st birthday a few days ago!

Gismo and Gipsy are doing very well. For Gipsy the sticks cannot be big enough

Gonzo is enjoying a nice country side on his birthday

March 2020

Gerry and his sister both past the temperament test three weeks ago. Congratulations to both of them. Soon we will open up a new page for Gwendi, the girl which we kept out of this litter. Gerry is living with his grandfather "Yakko vom Haus Barrett"

The beautiful girl Gisa is living in Canada. She is also doing very well. She is such a smart girl, her owner says

Here we see the sister Gundi to the right with her two other Barrett friends. She is also doing fine

Gismo brings lots of joy to his owners

Here we see Gonzo. Just like his brothers and sisters he is a very smart boy

24th of September 2019

Gabor during his first swimming lessons

Gerry aleady learned how to give "five"

Such a proud looking puppy. Hundemama sees his Granddats "expression" in his face

Little Gismo is doing great. On the picture to the left we see him with an elderly Barrett girl

Gonzo is developing very well. His owner is very happy with him

Not only the boys develop promissing, also the girls. If we look at Gipsy`s pictures. She loves horses, cats

and people. But her owner had her very well socialized during her first 6 months

Gisa has such a nice temperament. She loves children and everyone in the family loves her

Gwendi is the wildest girl of all girls. We are very happy, that we had kept her, because we believe, that she might have been a "little too much" for someone, who was not as experienced with GSD as we are. She will take the ball away from every other dog, except from Gino and Enza, both offspring of Tyson. They will not let her have the ball, no mater how hard she tries and she does try. But yet, she is a cutie and Hundemama will put her in line when the time comes.

June 30th, 2019

Gabor loves to play with everything he can find

Gerry with his grandfather "Yakko"

Gismo with his other Barrett girl-friend

Gonzo is doing very well according to his owner

Gipsy was and still is the most wildest little girl in this litter

Gisa`s new home is in Canada and she is doing very well- She used to be the smallest puppy in this litter.

Gundi im neuen Zuhause

Gwendi is also a very lifely puppy. She likes to be close to her Mom Enza

6th of June 2019

Gisa has just arrived in Canada. She is doing very well

Gabor with his new owner

Little Gerry will live with his meanwhile 11 year old grandpa "Yakko vom Haus Barrett" in the same household. His new owner is so happy to have an offspring out of Yakko`s bloodline

Gismo with his new owners. At home another 11 year old senior Barrett is waiting for them

We are very happy, that Gipsy will not live far away from us. We do believe, that she should be trained, because her play drive is very high

More pictures will be uploaded as soon as we have received them. Right at this moment two puppies are on their way to the US and to Canada. Another one will follow tomorrow!

29th of May, 2019

Gabor loves to give kisses, a very nice cute male puppy

Gerry already thinks, that he is the "Macho"

Gismo is one of the calmest puppy in this litter

Gonzo has a very high play drive. It will be fun to train him

Gibsy loves to take everything she can find

Gisa loves humans, but also has a very nice play drive. She was the smallest in this litter

Gundi is a very active female. We believe, that it will be fun to train her

Gwendi is a girl with nice play drive

We just uploaded more pictures of our puppies on google

Here we see the puppies on their new toilet. If we start our puppies at a young age to go somewhere else to do their business, the future owner will have it much easier to have their puppies housebroken in no time, if they keep a close eye on them and know when they have to relief themselves

These pictures show how they learn already at such a young age, that they have to stay away from things others have. If we look close at these pictures, we see that Mom Enza is not so happy about the one coming to close to her bone

A few close up pictures of the puppies. More pictures will follow in the next few days