F-litter House-Barrett

Gwendi vom Team Barrett

born 6th of April 2019, BH, HD-normal, ED-normal

show rating SG

Champ vom Team Barrett

Born.: 28th of August 2018 - SchH 1 - KKL1, HD- fast normal, ED-normal

show rating V


Fallou, Felino, Fancy, Fanny, Frenja, Fiola, Flexa, Frenzi

Last update on 28th of January 2023

According to the owner, Felino is doing very well. The pictures above reached us recently. Many thanks to Claudi for sending them

We are more than satisfied with the heredity of our Champion. It doesn't matter which dam we breed him to, he passes on his beautiful head, bone strength, pigment and above all his well-balanced nature

It will not take long anymore until new Champ puppies will be born

The above pictures show the girl Fanny. She loves the water. She is doing great when it comes to training and she is so smart her owner says

July 31st, 2022

Felino had been successful at a county show in July 2022, so we updated his page today

Claudia is very proud of her boy. He received the title "SG 2" in the youth class at a county show in July

His brother Fallou is chilling with his friends. He is having such a good time on the boat, just enjoying the summer

May 30th, 2022

Today the F-Barretts celebrated their first birthday

Fallou with his Barrett girl-friend

Felino with his 14 year old Barrett girl-friend

Fancy brings so much joy to her owner. She lives in Canada

We see Mom and Dad in the girl Fanny

Fenja is doing great. Going for walks with the two children every day. They love her so much

Flexa is doing great. She loves to look out the window and watch what is going on


March 2nd, 2022

Fallou developed into a beautiful youngster. Above we see him with his "Barrett-friend" and another friend

Felino always likes to mess with the senior Barrett named "Sunny". She is going on 14 years now and still playful as ever. He does learn a lot from her

His sister Funny is doing very well

Here we see the girl Fenja with her family. They love her so much and they do enjoy every day with her

Fiola with her Barrett friend

Flexa devloped into a beautiful very masculine female. She does favour her "Dad". She is a very smart girl, just like her littermates

Last but not least, little Frenzi with her family. From day one they took her to the stables, so she gets used to horses

The feedback we received so far of the Gwendi-Champ-progeny and positive. Again we see how well Champ does inherit, if we look at these pictures. All dogs are extremely friendly to two- and four legged friends

Last update 29th of September 2021

Puppies have been eight weeks in their new homes

Fallou with his Barrett girl-friend Ayka

Felino with his 13 year old Barrett girl-friend Sunny

Fancy is doing great. Due to Covid the family had been waiting for a long time to finally receive this special girl (view the new picture below right after she arrived in Canada). We are so happy for them

Fanny loves the water and all kind of sticks

Fenja is doing great; she also loves to be in the water

and so does her sister Frenzi

Flexa is also doing well. We hope, that we will receive more pictures of her and Fiola in the near future

28th of July 2021

This past weekend our puppies were picked up. Of course we made pictures of this special moment

Fallou with his new family

Felino with his new family

Both Ladies still are and had been Barrett owners for over 13 years. Now the time has come to purchase another one. In each home another Barrett is waiting for the new puppy

Here we see the girl Fanny. The family had been waiting for this girl for quite a while now. Grandma was very happy to come with to pick her up, so we made another picture together with Grandma

Fenja`s new owner had to be very patient for a very long time. Now finally the time was here to pick up their girl.

Fiola with his new owner, who has been a "Barrett owner" for almost 20 years. This is his third Barrett. At home the 2nd one is waiting for the new puppy. The first girl died when she was 14 years old

Flexa with his new owner, who came along way to pick her up

We can see on this picture that Frenzi will be loved very much. The children could not wait for this day to happen

Just arrived in Canada

We are more then pleased with Champ`s progeny so far. All of the puppies have a great temperament, extreme nice pigmentation and they just love humans. Champ is a great sire! We hope, that he will "become a Dad" again at the end of this year/beginning of next year.

Maybe with our new girl "Clara"? Let`s wait and see what the future will bring!

Last update on 19th of July 2021

Today our puppies introdruce themselves with their names and temperament

Fallou has a very nice temperament

His brother Felino is a wild little guy

Fancy has also a very nice temperament and she loves humans

Fanny also has a nice temperament and loves to play

Fenja is a lot like her sister Fanny

Fiola is a very wild little female, just like her brother Felino

Flexa has a very nice play drive

Frenzi is also a little wild girl

Our eight puppies look pretty much the same. All of them have an excellent expression have a very beautiful red-brown pigmentation. There are some differences in temperament. Some favor their Dad and some their mom. We are more than satisfied with the development of these eight puppies so far

14th of July 2021

Puppies have been picked out and they are enjoying every day with their littermates.

The puppy with the blue collar will become a Canadian girl in a few weeks!

Last update on July 5th, 2021

One week older and they are exploring the garden already, having so much fun. It is so nice to watch them play.

The above girl always wants to be with "Hundemama" all the time

27th of June 2021

In just one week, the pupppies have developed excellently. In order to relieve Mama Gwendi a little, the little ones have been fed extra milk for almost five days now and, as you can see, that's great for them.
Starting tomorrow there will also be fed "solid food"

Last update on June 20th, 2021