Asti vom Bierstadter Hof

Herros von Vierhundert Hertz


Eloy, Ernie, Easy, Eila, Ellery, Emely, Enja, Evita

8th of February 2021

We did receive these beautiful pictures of "Ernie" for his 2nd birthday

We wish all of the E-progeny the best for their birthday!

2nd of January 2020

Emely is doing great. Here we see her with her friend. Her new home is in the USA

Not too long ago the e-puppies did celebrate their first birthday. Here we see the youngster "Ernie". He is doing great and his family enjoy him very much. He is very protective when it comes to the Mom of the family

These pictures were taken on Evita`s 1st birthday. She is living in Dubai

12th of November 2019

Easy turned into a beautiful young female. The picture on the right show her when she still was pretty young and did not have all of her coat yet, but this has changed now

The girl "Evita" lives like a "Queen" in Dubai. She has two fourlegged friends. She is doing great

Emely, when she still was pretty young

We did receive a few more pictures of littermates of our E-Barretts, but we were not able to find them anymore.

Note: We would be very happy, if we receive present pictures of the littermates of the above E-Barretts. Now the time has come for the sire "Herros" to become a Dad again, so the "future Barrett families" would love to see progeny pictures of "Herros". Thanks in advance! We will update the "upcoming litter page" in the next few days

Since our last update our little Evita finally was able to fly to her new home, which is in Dubai

The family was so happy to finally have her come "home". She will be not only surrounded by two legged people, also by cats and two other dogs

The flight and arrival went well and meanwhile she is happy in her new home

The little guy Eloy must think, he is the star, the way he poses for them pictures. He is living in the United States and making his new family very happy

Easy is also living inthe United States and her owner took her to a little pond for the first time. She enjoyed this trip very much

We also were very happy to receive pictures of little Eila. Her home is in Belgium now. She is doing great

We like to thank all of the new "Barrett-families" to send us these lovely pictures. Without giving us this chance to receive pictures and regularly updates of each puppy, we were not able to update our "progeny-pages". Thank you very much!

Eloy is doing great. He started puppy class. His owners took him in the car to different places, so he gets to meet different people. This was very good for him, they said and they will continue doing this. He is very friendly, when it comes to meet new people and other dogs

Ernie is doing great. He gets along with the little dog. He loves to play. Every day they are taken him for 1o minutes walk to places, where he gets confronted with traffic, other people, dogs and everything he has to get used to to be able to be comfortable in our world

Emely feels also very comfortable in her new home

This nice card the children had bought for "Easy`s" arrival. To the right. She is already 11 weeks old and doing very well

The children are in love with her

and so is the Mom

Since Evita has to stay with us until she is 15 weeks old, before she is allowed to move into her new country, where her future owners are living, Hundemama made a few pictures of her. So far she developed into an extreme confident girl, which is not afraid of anything and boy, if another dog gets peted and she not. She shows the other dog, that she does not like this at all. The other day she even let "Champ" know, that she does not tolerate his behavoir and Champ is ab out twice to three times her size right now. The way she looks, when we took these pictures. She must think, she is the "Queen". These pictures were taken when she was 12 weeks old

Little Evita is staying a little longer with us, before she is able to fly to her new family

As we can see on these pictures, she loves to play, is funny at times

and interested in all kind of objects

She loves to be held and does give kisses

Eloy with his new family. His calling name will be "Barrett". He is wearing his name tag already

Ernie with his new family

Emely with her new owner

Ellery with her new family. In her new family are other dogs living

Enja with her new family

Easy with her new family. The other elderly dog in the picture is "Lance from Haus Barrett", a 13 year old son out of Tyson and Indra

Eila with her new family. First she looks a kind of strange at her new "Dad". With her new "Mom" she did not mind being held. Her new home will be in Belgium

The girl "Evita" will stay with us for a little while longer. Her new home will be in "Dubai" and they do have very strict regulations for a puppy to enter this country. As long as she is still with us we will make more pictures of her, so her owner has also a change to be part of her life already

So far we are very pleased with the development of "Herros"`s puppies. They have extreme good bone structure, most of them a dark face, very nice pigmentation and most of all they have a very good temperament. So far our new "sire" has inherited very well.

Eloy has a very nice temperament

Ernie was a little shy in the first few weeks of his life. Just recently he is more outgoing

Easy is a little devil. She always finds something to mess with

Eila has a very high preydrive, it is a MUST to train her at a dog place, once she is old enough

Ellery is not a dominant female, she does have a nice temperament

Emely is very calm and confident, just like her Mom is

Enja has a nice temperament

Evita is a very proud looking female. She is very lovable, but boy can she get wild, when she has a bone and another puppy wants to take this from her

View more cute pictures of the Mom Asti and how she plays with her little ones, please click here

Our puppies are getting so wild these days, that Mom started to play pretty rough with them over the past days. The future owners better get some rest, because we believe, that new life will be coming soon into their homes.

This little girl will stay a little longer with us. Already she loves to stay by "Hundemama". She probably will get spoiled after her littermates will be gone. We will upload more pictures in the next few days and this coming weekend the puppy will introduce themselves with their names

If we compage the pictures further down and these ones,

we can see, how much they have grown just in a few days

So much more alive these puppies are now. In the middle we see a strong girl and left and right each a boy

If they hear the voice of Hundemama they come running. They know who gave them bottles of milk over the past five weeks