Visit Barrett-owners in the year 2010 in Munich

A few months ago the owners of Ciro and Nayka asked us to come for a visit to Rosenheim, a city in the near of Munich. Another family, who had purchased a puppy from us 10 years ago did meet up with us on that weekend.

Exactly the date to go there, we had not planned yet, until our Savage left us for good Arthur thought, this would be the right time for a short get away, so Dagmar´s loss would not be on her mind constantly. Thinking back, Dagmar thinks, that this was the best thing to do. Seeing little Barretts and enjoying them, talking to their owners, enjoying the landscape around Rosenheim and Munich was exactly what she had needed.

Like always, when Dagmar goes on these trips, the rest of the family takes care of her four legged friends at home. This time Jason and Dennis took care of them. At this point we like to thank them again for their help. Without the whole family putting their input into the house, the yard and the animals, Dagmar would not have been able to get away for a few days to get back her energy for the tasks throughout the year.

Dagmar loves to raise puppies, train dogs, she also loves to ride horses and bikes. Everything what has to do with nature. Often she says, that people should enjoy more the moment just like our animals do. There is no reason to be unhappy, if someone is healthy. All the money in the world does not count, if someone is sick. She only was gone for a few days, but these few days she enjoyed to the fullest with just sunshine, a nice landscape and being part of nature, while riding the bike through the landscape of Chiemsee and one day the 60 km tour bike ride around the Starnberger See. Her believes are, that every day is a present and who can live the day without sickness and among their loved ones may call himself very lucky.

Now, please enjoy viewing the below pictures.

This page has been opend on 17th of August 2010

Our first day at Chiemsee

A short ride along the Chiemsee

Just beautiful views

we seen along the way

On Chiemsee there is an Island called "Herreninsel"

with the beautiful buildings

King Ludwig II had built everything on this Island

Look at this fountain

A tramp going through town

It stops here to pick up people

In the evening we met with the owners of Nayka

We walked through Rosenheim

Nayka is a progeny from Nora and Tyson

On that picture she is 14 weeks old

Very nice little town

with a nice market place

They had life music that night

A picture with Sally and Nayka

This is the beautiful 18 months old Ciro

He is a progeny of Tabaluga and Queeny

He is being trained for BH at this time

Nice gettogether with a little snack , while watching the dogs being trained in the back

Our Barretts are great for sports in all kind of fields

Ciro is learning the basic steps in Schutzhund

We were very found of this trainer

He feels with the dog and rewards them at the right time

He lets him win and makes sure, that before he gets the arm,

he has a good grip

The following pictures show,

that Ciro has also a great confirmation

He can run just like his Dad "Tabaluga". He flies over the grass

Arthur seen this motive

We had breakfast at this beautiful place

Looking accross the Starnberger See

A fairy right in front of the hotel picks up people

On our last day we rode

with our bikes 60 km around the Starnberger See

A small Island on the Starnberger See,

called Roseninsel, all kinds of roses you can find there

Following pictures

show nice places

and sceneries around the Starnberger See

Dagmar is keeping in touch with home

So peaceful!

No words needed

for these pictures

Keep paddeling, Arthur says

One more stop before this beautiful day ended

We know, that this trip to the area of Munich

was not our last one