The A-litter

Enza vom Team Barrett

born 21st of April 2015, KKl I, IPO1, HD-normal, ED-normal

show rating SG youth class

Sire: Herros von Vierhundert Hertz ,born: 15th of March 2015 _ IPO 1 _ AD, KKl. 1, HD-normal , ED normal

Show title "V"

Pedigree of Herros here


Aaron, Abel, Aldo, Apollo, Arek, Astro, Atreus, Aika, Alika

Last update 4th of May 2023

Another year has passed by. The Enza-Herros progeny celebrated their fifth birthday on 21st of April 2023

The girl Aika acts just like her Mom "Enza"

and her sister Akila looks more like her Dad "Herros", very dark face. Her "Dog Mom" is so proud of her

May 2nd, 2022

For the 4th birthday professinal pictures were taken Aika. We wish her and her littermates the best for the future

December 31st, 2021

Alika, Christmas 2021

February 17th, 2021

Aron developed into a beautiful young male

Just like his brother Astro

Alika is a special female, so funny, just like her Mom Enza. As we can see, she also knows how to protect herself

If we receive more pictures in April when their third birthday is coming up, we will update this page one more time in April. By that time new Enza- puppies should have arrived

25th of April 2020

On 21st of April our Enza-Herros-progeny celebrated their 2nd birthday. We wish all of them the best, especially health. Here we see the male "Aaron". He is doing great

These pictures show "Aika" a little fisty and extreme inteligent female. She favours her Mom "Enza" very much. They usually are challenges to their new owners during the first year, but with love and guidance they develop into best friends for Life. Her owner cannot imagine one day without her

10th of October 2019

After our last update we received these two late birthday pictures of Aika

Most Barretts just love the water. Alika shows everyone how much she loves the water. She is not even afraid to go under. She knows that she always will come up again

She loves children very much

just like her brother Astro, which is also doing fine

5th of April 2019

Aaron does favor his Dad

Arek is doing very well according to his owner

The girl Alika favors her Mom "Enza". She acts just like her Mom. She even gives the horses kisses and made friends with them

5th of December 2018

Abel at the beach and at his first show

Astro is doing great. Here we see him with his friend

Atreus is also developing into a nice young dog

Aika has been well socialized as you can see on these pictures. Her owner took her everywhere since they had purchased her, which was very good for her development. She is not afraid of anything and is approaching everyone neutral. We do have to give this advice as often as we can, because quite a few pet owners believe, that the dog will be fine, when being raised on their property. This is a fatal mistake. It is very important to take your puppy from day one everywhere with you. Like a parking lot, downtown, to a restaurant, where you can sit outside, to a funfair, to the beach etc. Places where the puppy meets lots of people and objects as you can see on the above pictures. Again and again people call us and ask about advice, what to do when they take a 7 months old dog outside and the dog barks at everything he sees. Right away I asked them, if they took the dog to different places from 8 weeks to 7 months. They tell us "No". There is the answer, why the dog barks at everyone! The dog is unsecure and shows this behavior by barking. We do urge all the owners to take the time and take the dog to all kinds of places at least two or three times in the week from day one - here at 8 weeks -

Our smallest little puppy turned into a beautiful young female, which had been socialized very well also. Hundemama will visit her at the end of February 2019 in San Antonio, Texas. She looks so much like her Mom "Enza" and still likes to give kisses

September 16th, 2018

According to Aaron`s owner he is just doing great. This is not a ball? It tastes funny, he thinks!

Yes, this is what life is all about. What a good feeling it is to relax with the family! It is always funny to see how big the ears seem to be compared to the head, but this picture will change in the next few weeks. We also believe, that Herros and Enza made a great combination, if we look at all of these progenies from this pairing

Abel is doing very well. His owner says, that he learns very fast

Aldo has kept his dark mask

Since Apollo is going to puppy class he is doing much better. He was a little wild at the beginning

Arek has a new friend, but he is only allowed to be with him when adults are around.

Astro is getting used to cats at an early age, which is very important

Atreus is a little Macho, but his owner loves his temperament, he is not afraid of anything

Aika was a little wild girl at the beginning, but then they started to go to puppy class and get her socialized more and more. Now she is doing much better. She came to our lunch destination of our hike and behaved very well, while her owner had lunch

A special friendship has began

Alika is living on a Ranch in San Antonio. She turned into a "farm puppy" and is doing very well. She is always at her owner`s side. All the time

She is always there, getting to know the river, being there while the horse is being washed and she loves to ride in the car, just like all Barretts do

Thanks to all the owners of sharing these pictures with us!

July 9th, 2018

Puppies have been in their new homes a few weeks now

Aaron always finds something to play with

Abel lives near the ocean, so he really has lots of water. Also he goes with her owner everywhere, so he learns about all kind of new things

Aldo during an evening walk

Apollo was taken to a hardware store, which is also very good for him to get to know new things


His owner take him also to all kind of places

Our beloved Alika

she is the sunshine for her owner. What a lovable little puppy. She loves to give kisses all the time

Aika can be a little devil at times. She always wants to play with her water bowl

6th of July 2018

Little fisty young Apollo with his new "Mom"

This is how Linda was greeted by Alika after her 10 hour trip to the USA. What a lovable girl she is. She will be a Texas girl now.

Aaron with his new owner, who has again decided for a Barrett puppy

Abel moved to the Boston area, to one of our friends

Aldo will also be an American, but for now he will be living in Germany. A long wait finally came to an end

The owner of Arek could not wait for them to pick him up

Atreus new home will be in Kärnten, Austria

This family again has decided to purchase a Barrett puppy. Aika will move into their home now. Thanks to everyone for the trust they have given us as a breeder!

We still are waiting for one last picture of this family

Last update on June 11th, 2018

Aron is the nicest puppy in this litter

Abel is the wildest puppy in this litter. He will be great for training in schutzhund, we believe

Aldo has a very nice play drive

Apollo gives "five" already

Arek loves to play with anything he can get a hold off

Astro has a very nice temperament, but also loves to play

Atreus is the second wildest puppy in this litter

Aika is a fisty little girl. Nobody wants to mess with her

Our most lovable cute girl. From the beginning, she likes to be held and loves to give kisses, constantly.

We truly can say, that everyone of these puppies is a "true Barrett puppy" with all the qualities "Hundemama" loves to see in her dogs. But sometimes they can be a challenge to new puppy owerns. As we said on the Bella-Herros page. If anyone now or in the future needs help with raising a puppy, please get knowledge in puppy classes - pet smart offers these classes in the USA and make sure that you socialize your puppy very well according to our handling and feeding table. This is very important. A puppy needs to get out of the house, needs to go for walks, so he can meet new people, objects, dogs, cars etc. Everything which is used in our world. Make sure, your puppy will be a well socialized puppy. If you do need a trainer. Have one come to your house. Do not give your dog away for training!!!Dogs need to have trust to their owner and only with the possibility of gaining this trust, the dog can be trained

Puppies are 6 1/2 weeks old

Our Enza/Herros puppies doing fine. Just like the Bella puppies, they love the water. Some of them even like to lay their head just on the edge of the bowl. It is so funny to watch them play. Our one girl she is a typical Barrett, just loves to give kisses. She is such a sweet girl. Her sister is a little fisty one. Since it will be time to pick out the puppies this weekend, Hundemama has to keep a very close eye on them in the next few days. This is not easy when it comes to nine puppies. She always has to split them up to watch them play and to see, which one might develop into an alpha dog and which one is a beta dog. This is very important especially when she has to pick out male puppies